“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

– Daniel Webster

REMEMBER a few years back when Relay for Life staged their cancer crusade events on Commerce Street and it was neither cold nor rainy? That was an outlier, a fluke.

IF YOU made plans to be at R.E. St. John Stadium for the Relay For Life activities Saturday evening, you should change those plans. Anticipating the usual rainy weather on Relay weekend, organizers have already agreed to move the 17th annual event inside at First Baptist Church. The commodious fellowship hall has been the site of Relay before and will again shelter relay participants from predicted spring storms.

RELAY for Life begins with a 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Fun Day followed by the one-hour Glow Fest beginning at 8 p.m.

RELAY for Life and inclement weather go hand-in-hand, dating back to the first local Relay in – I think – 2002. The event was staged at the softball fields out on Hwy. 135. Participants brought tents and blankets – and used both – while they walked through the night, lapping the field again and again, raising money for the American Cancer society. It was cold, but as we recall, the event raised nearly $100,000 that first year.

CHOCOLATE frosting on carrot cake? Yes, by golly, and when Carrie Jackson makes it, it’s a darned good combo.

WE have a hard time imagining the operation of a technology-dependent business without Carl Isabell and Complete Computer Solutions nearby.

THE IMPASSE between California Governor Jerry Brown and President Donald Trump – will California’s national guardsmen go to the Mexican border or will they not? – is not the first such stand-off. During the War of 1812, Massachusetts Governor Caleb Strong refused to commit that state’s militia to the war effort. (Despite that, more than 45,000 men from Massachusetts, unattached to the state guard, participated in “the second war for independence.”)


April 21 - Elizabeth Chappell, Darrell Edwards, Karen Justin, Jonathan Michel, Roger Thompson Jr., June Terrell, Carrie Rozell, Pat Haynes, Jo Allbright, Alton Craig, L.G. Denmon, Bobbie Scott, Tita Harris, Frankie Johnson, Lanie Samford

April 22 - Joey Pippin, Esther Neel, Margaret Washington, Still Collum, Marnie Foster Kellie Moore, Paul Peterson, Agnes Thurmond, Nancy Lee Springer, H.D. Lee, Amanda Averett, Lester Hedges, G.W. Boyd, Ashley Fouse, Cole Manos, Margie Moore, Lollie Mager, Caleb White, Sarah Ann Williams, W.T. (Red) Kettleurell, Phyllis Schleier, Phillip Williams, Kayla Rosen, Daniel Martin, Debbie Ann Rowe

April 23 - Tammy Sherrod, Amanda Duran, Josh Wood, Larry Smith, Ruben Martin, Rene Bryant, Lisa Ann Odom, Gregory Hawkins, Dana Millwood, Logan Greenberg

April 24 - Patricia Ross, Luther Charles Williams, Moriah Harbuck, David A. Clark, Arvie Lou Daniel, Mrs. Joe Beckham, Travis Crews, Jack Bewley, Donna VanMeter, Elaine KinKaid, Gail Franklin, Kasey Brooks Parr, Alejandro Garza, Gary Allen, Jonathan Garcie


April 21 - Debbie Ann and James Rowe, Ronnie and Elizabeth Chappell, Kelly and James Owens

April 22 - Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bryant, Joe Cross and Angie Robinson Cross

April 23 - Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Caldwell

April 24 - Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stalcup, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Skinner, Bobby and Irene Kirk


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