“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

– Thomas Jefferson

DIRECTORS of the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce have hired a new chief executive. Jill McCartney is moving here from Caldwell, Ohio in the immediate future.

ASIDE from the obvious differences – NFL Hall of Fame, weather, Buckeyes – here’s what Ms. McCartney will need to know: She’ll need to get by without pawpaw for dessert. Most Texans have never eaten a pawpaw, the Ohio state fruit, and they’re an uncommonly hard to find in the produce sections here.

KILGORE school board will meet Tuesday evening for the sole purpose of swearing in two trustees – elected without an election, given that both were unopposed.

REGGIE Hensen gets a new term in Place 4 and Alan Clark, the sole filer for Place 3, will replace outgoing trustee Jon Slagle.

TRUSTEES will convene at 5:30, administer the oath and then be done for the day.

THE MOTHER of a Kilgore High School student told us this week she bought her daughter a prom dress – a new one – for under $100. We’re thinking that may be a modern-day record.

HAPPILY, as of this writing it appears the weather for Saturday’s prom will be clement… dresses and hair styles should arrive intact.

THAT Barbecue, Beer and Bands thing? The event Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation had scheduled for May 19? The one that was to raise money for continued make-over of the old post office?

APPRARENTLY there was a scheduling problem with securing a permit to sell beer. The event has been delayed until after the weather starts cooling again. Look for it Sept. 15.

EARLIER this week a Kilgore Middle School student brought an unloaded handgun to school.

I’VE been trying to make myself imagine a circumstance under which a parent would leave a handgun, unloaded or otherwise, someplace a child could get to it. My imagination is not that good.

WE were recently “invited to connect” on LinkedIn with an individual who lists his profession as “interlocutor.” We refused the invitation.


May 5 - Kay Charchio, Allison Tanner, Janice Thurston, Cerica Cannon, Julia Ann Pierce, James Bell, Shelia Eberli, Gail Hargrave, Mariel Harvey, David Jones, Wendy Eberli, Luke Williams, Toni Sinclair Thompson, Dori Griffin, Heinz Anders, Chase Jordan Vinson, Bob Caster, Dennis Reese II, Ja’mya Murphy, Cord Carr, Donald Thompson

May 6 - J Mitchell, Jimmy Culp, Frances Garrett, Mrs. W.P. Donnelly, Sylvia Clark, Debbie Lloyd, Debbie Norris, Sandra Downs, Pam Holcombe, Helen Palmer, Joshua Palmer, Vickie Briggs

May 7 - Al Grush, Joel Charchio, Mrs. M.T. Jones, Claudette Breaux, Annette Rhodes, Rayfee Williams Jr., Kelly Summy, Patricia Sheffield Clayton, Christi Henley, Stan Jones, Jack Anderson, Barbara Wheeler, Annette Echols, Robert Partain, Hubert C. Smith, Kendall Bell, Isaiah Smith, Katlyn Robertson, John Kirkpatrick, Melanie McKnight

May 8 - Sandee Sidener, Chuck LeBaron, Kristin Cranford, Kelli Nelson, Margie Britt Frey, Chris Maxwell, Mae Lewis Smith, David Rhodes, Daniel Odom


May 5 - Moris and Alma Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nix, Mr. and Mrs. David White

May 6 - Barbara and Sylvester Conrad

May 7 - Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McCollum

May 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rouse, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Swigner


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