“If D-Day - the greatest amphibious operation ever undertaken - failed, there would be no going back to the drawing board for the Allies. Regrouping and attempting another massive invasion of German-occupied France even a few months later in 1944 wasn’t an option.”

– Douglas Brinkley

LAST year’s Kilgore Bulldog baseball team set a school record for wins in a season: 26.

THIS year, in Coach Eugene Lafitte’s first season, they won 27… and went deeper in the playoffs than any KHS baseball team in 14 years.

IT’S June and as of the first of the week we are, according to the Texas Water Development Board, “abnormally dry.” That’s not drought, according to the chart, but it’s only one step away… maybe Tuesday’s thunderstorm will leave us two steps away.

PARADOXICALLY, we’re still about four inches ahead of normal for the year (23.9 v. 19.73 inches) but the National Weather Service received only .68 inches of rainfall in the official rain gauge out at East Texas Regional Airport, down from the normal 4.8.

THE OFFICIAL high temperature in May was 97 degrees on May 29 and the low was 56 degrees on May 6.

KILGORE Public Library’s summer reading program goes outside at 10 a.m. Tuesday for a Fun Day in the City Park.

POLICE officers, firefighters, police cars, fire trucks, crime scene investigation vehicle, warm weather and snow cones come together to make a fun hour of exploration and learning for children of all ages.

CODENAMED Operation Overlord, the Battle of Normandy began on June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day, when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region. The actual number will never be known, but officials estimate more than 6,600 Americans died that day and more than 29,000 died in the seven days ending June 12.


June 6 - Shelby Lane Anderson, Opal Jaquita Sharp, Mrs. C.W. Hayes, Misty Lynn Nix, Melinda Cook Langenstein, Brozeal Benson, Bobbie De Johnette, Matthew Morris, Penny White, Teresa Leigh Lucas

June 7 - Todd Harrington, Chris Michel, Judy Matthews, Donnie Spradlin, Mrs. James Craine, Allen J. Mumphrey, Kourtney Cheyenne Laird, Stephanie Lawhorn, Twilla Watkins, Howard Green, Jessica Alisse Utzman, Jack Evans, Bob Risinger, Allan Stanley, Jennifer Stangl, Amanda Pierce, Brian Millucad

June 8 - James Owens, Randa Watson, Becky Rossom, Jason Lee Willbourn, Bernice White, Todd Harrington, Jerry Bass, Camie Owens, Danny Nixon, Mrs. Lloyd Shields, Dotti Harris, Mrs. Pete Keiser, J.A. Sullivan, Matthew McFarland, Dr. Terry Ray, Robert Taylor, Jill Wright, Rod West, Merlene Coffey, Lonnie R. Lewis


June 6 - Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Bearden, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie R. Nix, Shirley and John Presley

June 7 - Steve and Diane Silvertooth, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Scott Price, Mr. and Mrs.Willie D. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Armstrong Sr.

June 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Forth, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Covington, William and Marjorie Stephenson, Milton and Lisa Frazier


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