“Estimated amount of glucose used by an adult human brain each day, expressed in M&Ms: 250”

– Harper’s Index

OUR friend Neil Barr will be missed.

AFTER his first election (and by a really narrow margin) to the council we borrowed Lyndon Johnson’s nickname – Landslide Neil, I called him – and it always made him laugh.

BUT he never laughed at the responsibility that came with his seat on the city council. He took it seriously, especially his determination to look after the budgets of the police and fire departments.


IT’S parade time in Kilgore.

KILGORE Legacy Foundation’s Juneteenth celebration begins with a parade through downtown Saturday morning and ends with a full day of activities at City Park.

THAT malignant blight on Rusk Street? The one that is unquestionably a health hazard? The one that was long ago the Kilgore home of Beall’s Department Store?

WE’RE told it is not being ignored.

UNTIL a time in the not-too-distant past, the building was owned by Light & Life Community Church of Cedar Hill – a south Dallas suburb – led by Bishop Jude Asonibe. We can’t imagine why a church from Cedar Hill bought a building in Kilgore, but there you are.

AT some point, that church folded or became another church and Asonibe apparently went on to a home health business and now he and/or his wife Shirley own it.

KILGORE officialdom has been in touch with the Asonibes and promises were exchanged; the owners have said they’ll have the building “secured” by the end of this week. If not, they’ll be cited.

NOW if they’d just find an owner who would do more than just secure the premises… an owner who cared enough about Kilgore to be the neighbor the Asonibes have not been.



June 13 - Michael Morse, Jimmie Nell Johnson, Bobbie Jean Clark, Dennis Reese Jackson, Teri Graham, Deferroy Orange, Judith Leach, Frank Barr, Monica Clark, Bobbie Jackson, Jason Whittington, Robbie Hoffmeyer, Debra Alberton, Holly Hammock, Hailey Morrow, Samara Ricardson, LaMontrel Dunn

June 14 - Leah Gorman, Tommie Grigg, Dr. Bill Holda, Eddie Delois Scott, Glenn Bumgardner, Trent Renshaw, Mark Payne, Elizabeth Furgurson, Marcy Whittington, Lincoln Watson, Jenni Humphrey, Steve Hughes, Don Greathouse, Vicki Gossage, Ashley Brianne Baker, Cole Thompson, Ronald Hankins

June 15 - Glenn Henderson, Roseanneli Leverett, Katie Mae Kemp, Paul Hunt, James Edward Jackson, Shelley Finklea, Twilikki Williams, Riley Toler, Matthew Miller, Frances Brown, Jordan Nicole Baker, Kylie Deann Baker, Carolyn Hearne, Teresa Flourney, Cindi Evans, April DeYoung, Jack Pirtle, Bobby Morgan, Theresa L. Donnell, James Bynum, Ruth Ferguson, Robin Walden, Natalie Allen, Bill Woodall


June 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pace, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Stokely, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tharp

June 14 - Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Pegues, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Troboy, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Custer, Marsha and Doug Swaim Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Johns

June 15 - Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Collins Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Williams, George and Tammy White


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