“Literature… enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”

– C. S. Lewis

WOULD it be safe to assume that if the Rapture arrives while you’re holding your cell phone, the phone will be left behind?

ADIOS, Sammy the Chihuahua.

SAMMY, all seven pounds of him, shared a home with James and Elaine Campbell for the past half-dozen years and was a frequent visitor at the News Herald. Regular visitors to downtown often saw Sammy out for his constitutional, always accompanied by either James or Elaine.

LAST weekend, Sammy died not too long after he was attacked by a neighbor dog that jumped the fence.

(ELAINE suffered a couple of puncture wounds when she tried to wrest Sammy away from the neighbor dog… that dog – no record of rabies shots, we’re told – is now in quarantine.)

IT’S not as good as retirement, but it’s a close second.

BILL Dixon, the cheerful proprietor of Dixon Jewelers is cutting back on his hours. The shop in the strip center at 405 N. Kilgore will now be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

AND our friend Betty Witherspoon is close to retirement. She and her husband are beginning a golf tour – my words not hers – about mid-July.

IN 1885, city leaders in Tacoma, Washington became local heroes for driving the Chinese population out of town and burning their homes. Two years later in Oregon, 34 Chinese miners were murdered in the Hells Canyon Massacre, and the culprits were never punished.

WHILST you were mowing Sunday afternoon, you were pretty sure we’d finally hit 100 degrees.

NOT according to the National Weather Service. Those folks said Tuesday our highs for 2018 have been 97 degrees Sunday and, earlier, on June 2. In other words, the worst is still to come.

THOSE same folks say we’re now in a drought and that the drought is “likely to persist.”


June 27 - Aleene Hassell, Ray Green, Marsha Campbell, Penni Perkins, Steven Martin, Bob Bradberry, Gabrielle Samples, Bob Daniel, Louise King, Kathy Barnhill, Mrs. J.P. Haynes, John Gardner, Kim Reynolds

June 28 - Joe David Clark, Louis Hall, Opal Stewart, David Cates, John Wilbert Foster, Marcus Jones, Kirk Kirkland, Juanita Collins, Donald Gene Webb, Debbie Nicholson, Jena Laird, Kevin Walsh, Helen Herd, John C. Russell, Barbara Long, Evelyn Banda, Donna Yancey, JaneAn Harrington, Brett Forbes, Mark Rosen, Paul Lohr

June 29 - Blair Gee, Brenda Joyce Hutto, Joe Cross, Stacy Grady, Don Huffman, Heather Davis, Buster Green, Rodney Barthelemess, Eva Mae Smith, Bill Pearce III, Tiffany Tinner, Carrie Friesen, Kevin Cline, Robert Poland, Cassidy Ferguson, Pearly Lohr, Mike Free


June 27 - Cecil and Nancy Cornelison, Pamela and Floyd Lusk, Gary and Kellie Huffman

June 28 - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Leach, Harold and Bonnie Hart, Steve and Shirley Daniel

June 29 - Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dickey, Joseph E. and Sadie LaBeff, Jack and Sarah Pyle


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