“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville

THAT collection of pipe and pre-formed manholes at the corner of Riverside and Hwy 259 can only mean one thing… It’s about to get messy on Riverside.

KILGORE officialdom is on the cusp of a major sewer line replacement that will leave Riverside Drive residents clambering through and over construction mess for some weeks.

OVERTONES, Brookshire’s is doing dinner on the fourth.

THE GROCERY company is firing up the grill at Overton City Park, serving up barbecue from 5 p.m. until the fireworks show – sponsored by Brookshire’s – starts at dark. A slab of ribs will be priced at $12 and a half slab at $7. Sausage on a stick will be available for $2, along with roasted corn on the cob for a buck. The dinner menu will also include hot links, turkey legs, cold drinks and cotton candy.

NEXT week’s Wednesday News Herald will be delivered Tuesday, July 3 so you should get your paper (locally) ahead of the postal holiday on Wednesday.

THE Tyler-Longview area every summer either falls short of clean air standards or, at least, comes close. To help keep the air clean and healthful: don’t overfill your car’s fuel tank, keep car tires properly inflated, accelerate slowly and don’t leave your vehicle idling.

REP. Jeb Hensarling this week announced his four appointments from the 5th congressional district to the military academies – one to the Air Force Academy, two to West Point and one to Annapolis. Of the four appointees, three are named Kyle.

WE suppose it’s not funny for a few of you but for the rest of us just the notion of The Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms is enough to make us laugh and slap our foreheads.


June 30 - Dr. Jim Repasky, Alison Crews, Melissa Waller, Claudia Moeno, Shane Billingsley, Jeri Faircloth, Tracy Pace, Elaine Guthrie, Marguerite Avance, Takenya Warren, Wanda King, Tom Sartor, Pam Barber, Lee Heard, June Shelton, Justin McCarty, Kenneth Beverly, Mack Biggs, Karl Woods, Marjorie Stephenson, Clint Silvertooth, Ray Walker, Doris Moore, Mary Lewis, Carol Hargrave, Lorenzo Tabares

July 1 - Jill Fife, Kellye Crocker, Emily Honea, Greg Cashen, Mary Caskey, Deborah Sue Dorsey, Kathy Johnson, Daniel Nicols, Sherri Nicole Dunn, Janie Blackstone, Lynne Cross, James Haltmeyer, Mary Quarles, Susan Salazar, Douglas Carter, Michael Wayne Madden, Christy Brown, Josh Watson, Jacob Lucas, Beckey Dibbell

July 2 - Mrs. Charles Hawkins, Mrs. Howard Alexander, Shelia Ann Palmer, Arthur Quintero Jr., Angela Kneeland, Robert Fowler, Pamela Yancey, Christy Morse, Brandon Breaux, Eddie Scott, Freddie Scott, Stephanie Evon Scott, Divah Clark, Neil Laird, Natalie Harris, George Humphrey, Sandra Maxwell, Gregg Johnson, George Cleary, Don Capps, Cameron Glen Hill, David Lee Gibson, MaLaysia Paige Roberson, Steve Reinersman, Eddy McCartney, Joshua Wyatt Tingle

July 3 - Olivia Barnes, Corey Blake Valdetero, Jamie Woolley, Rudy Roberts, Doris Campbell, Kelsey Clayton, Gwen Ward, Frankie Griffin, Marie Rentz, Mrs. J.R. Thompson, Sandy Sanches, Jay Calvin Williams, Lesa Madden, Ty Cundieff, Buruk Mitchel David Holbrook, Kelly Custer


June 30 - Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Burton, Bobbie and Norman Dent

July 1 - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fette, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crutcher, Thomas David and Shelly Nixon

July 2 - Sam and Brenda Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Smith, Dickey and Sheila Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Gossage, Lee and Deborah Layman

July 3 - Lee and Debbie Layman


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