“We must challenge this statement and this sentiment that the news media is the enemy of the American people. This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

– William H. McRaven, former UT Chancellor and Admiral U.S. Navy (ret.)

SONYA Trout passed – with flying colors – her first major test…

AS the city’s still-sort-of-new event coordinator, the Fourth of July activities at City Park were hers. If we were grading the event, we’d give it an “A.” From the reaction of the crowd, we’re willing to speculate that most in the crowd of several-thousand-and-change would agree with us.

SHE wasn’t alone in the effort, of course. Danny Downing and his parks crew had the park in great shape. Mike Clements, Ronnie Spradlin and others put up much of the money for entertainment and such while MPA fireworks sponsored the pyrotechnics. Even City Manager Josh Selleck was hands-on, helping city workers clean up and re-organize flags and bunting in the wake of Tuesday evening’s wind and rain storm.

OUR local weather station – the Higginbotham one owned and operated by our friend B.J. Clark – measured only 0.9 inches of rainfall Tuesday but, golly, it felt like more than that.

SHE Who Generally Knows Best sat through it at Napoli’s with me – we watched debris ranging from pot plants to flags fly past the eatery’s expansive windows while the clouds dumped heavy rain and the gutters ran full.

(IF I dressed as nattily as Mark Dickey, I too, would have waited in my truck, holding out for that moment when a mere umbrella would keep me dry ‘til I could get inside the restaurant.)

PROOF that “the economy” is local… we’ve been tariffed into raising prices.

A monstrous increase in paper prices in recent months, traceable directly to a 25% tariff on newsprint from Canada, and now a price increase in printing plates, directly attributable to a tariff on aluminum, will require our first ad rate increase in five years and we’re studying subscription prices.


July 7 - Kylie McKinnon, Aaron Knight, Stephanie Parker, Patty Clark, Chris Dorsey, Stan Martin, Mrs. Luther Holland, David Wheeler, Tommy Freeman, Heath Cleary, Karen May, Jenny Partain, Cathy Bradley, Cindy Frazier and Penny Thompson, Gerardo Diaz, Lindsey Inez, Britnee Hightower, Mary-Lynn Thrash, Kelsey Young

July 8 - Bill D. Hedrick, Eugene Hablinski, David VanMeter, Paul Peery JoAnn Allen, Christian Cole Baker, April Baker, Lee Killingsworth

July 9 - Matthew Joseph, Britt Smith, Tania Welch, Georgia V. May, Kathryn Ott Toon, Linda Buckrell, Rhonda Jones, Dolly Hendrix, William H. MacDonald, Cora Lary, Dana Ransom, Edna Riddle, Kendall Steelman, Marcia Stallings, Ella Mae Walker, Marian Thomas, Stephen Wayne Hendrix, Johnny Smith, Keonta Robinson, Jessie Cubine, Lee Killingsworth, Linda Luann Tadlock

July 10 - Jessica Vanderwater, Christina Knight, Jerry Camp, Wanda Taylor, Tod Dickerson, Kelli Ann Fette, Casey Botter, John Wesley Ray, Becky Copeland, Paul Spear, Bryan D. Jones, JoAnn Cheshire, Pat Rhodes, Brenda Watson, Josh and Justin Head, Philip Shawn, Cathryn Elizabeth Black, Gerry Austin Jr., Whitney Taylor


July 8 - Will and Vettie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roberson

July 9 - Bob and Lorane Hodges, Richard and Victoria Harris

July 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Daren Griffith


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