“It is easy to sit up and take notice; What is difficult is getting up and taking action.”

–Honore de Balzac

ODDLY, no matter how dry the grass is, when the temperature hits 105 it simply feels like there ought to be a ban on all outdoor burning.

AS of Tuesday afternoon, however – when the thermometer was at a temperate 89 degrees – across the counties where most News Herald readers reside, only Rusk County commissioners had declared a burn ban.

BE patient (and cautious), Gregg and Smith residents – a similar ban is probably in your future.

SITTING here, minding my own business, and thinking about our friends Helen and James Padgett.

SATURDAY, with Main Street’s Patriotic Street Party, was a dandy day downtown.

THE youngsters on decorated bicycles were terrific and far more numerous than we expected. Almost as terrific was the homemade strawberry ice cream given away by Carrie Jackson and Julie Beck at J & Company.

NEW in our experience were the service dogs brought here by the organization For Veterans Sake. The dogs are trained to recognize symptoms of a variety of illnesses. One of the “dogs” was actually a white wolf – the one you may have seen (we’re told) in Game of Thrones.

HARVEST Moon Countrygrass Band performed a couple of times in the Texan and even, for the patriotic sing-along, included local music celebrities Penny and Katy Clark – The Purple Hulls.

HARVEST Moon leader Fred Gephardt and his wife Vivian are still eagerly looking for just the right piece of Kilgore property on which to build a home and business.

BY the time you read this, Kilgore native Mike Sechrist will have completed his first meeting as a member of the Kilgore City Council.

MIKE was recently appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late Neil Barr.

NORA Fain, our classified sales star, won a blue ribbon Saturday – her blackberry jelly was judged best of the jams and jellies in the Patriotic Street Party.


July 25 - Christine Jackson, Erby Muckelroy, Jaina Williams, Christopher (Bubba T) Terry, Dean Bingham, Kyle Shipp, Troy Boyd, Clarice Christian, Danny Ray Bozarth, Jordan Patrick Miles, Anne Waller, John Bryant, Kay Dorsey, Tammy Kennedy, Laurie Gilchrist, Steven Chester, Lacy Albritton, Jessica Szymarek, Brandon Nance

July 26 - Edie Caitlyn Pond, Floyd Lusk, Myra Bearden, Jodie Campbell, Tarah Fox, Elaine Richers, Tonia Lynn Allen, Jean White, Chad Wayne Howell, Christie Chustz, Meg Winski, Kim Foster, Robert F. Caldwell, Jo Johnson, Cathy Richter, Jane Green, Louise Hale, Chandra Sanders, Troy L. Mumphrey, Terry Pfost, Ashley Baker, Sebastian Mumphrey, Chuck Polk

July 27 - Trey Laird, Carol Camp, Jerry Rosegrant, Andrea Jordan, Bill Dorman, Scott Campbell, Sonja Sue Dupree, Millis Ann Osborne, William Wilson, Riley Ross, Kara Montgomery Harris, Jonathan Mumphrey, Patricia Read, Eddie Quintanilla, Lillian Hatchel, Laci Mason, Michael Hawkins, Dana Lopez


July 25 - Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie V. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kaimann Conlee, Phillip and Kimberly Williams

July 26 - Greg and Candee Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dean

July 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Patton


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