“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

– Winston Churchill

ONE-STOP registration for Kilgore ISD students will be at the Primary school this year – workmen are still replacing the roof at the high school.

AGAIN this year parents (or guardians) will be able to register all their students at the single location rather than travelling from campus to campus.

REGISTRATION is August 2 and 3 from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday.

KILGORE primary is at the intersection of Baughman Road on Hwy. 259 (Henderson Blvd.)

WE went Tuesday evening to Texas Department of Transportation’s Kilgore unveiling of the still-preliminary plan to widen Hwy. 31 to four lanes (plus turn lanes) from Kilgore to Tyler.

Q: Any estimate of a timeline?

A: Minimum of seven years, probably closer to 10 before construction could begin.

Q: Why spend all the money you’ve spent in the past few years on all the miles of passing lanes and turn lanes on Hwy. 31 if you’re going to go back and make it a four-lane, divided highway.

A: We had to do something, it was dangerous. Does it seem safer to you now?

OUR observations: (a) It’ll be nice when it happens and (b) there will be many residents and businesses – including our friends at Hickory Hill Barbecue – displaced by the expanded right-of-way.

EXPECT a couple of years in design and engineering, a couple of years in right-of-way acquisition, some time for utilities to be relocated and, of course, time for the funding to be arranged.

3,681,957,846 gallons.

TEXAS oil wells produced 3.68 billion gallons of crude in May. When you say it in a vacuum – no point of reference – it seems like a lot. But the 87.665 million barrels (42 gallons each) is lower than any other month this year, according to the Texas Railroad Commission.

NATURAL gas wells produced 377 million mcf in May, also the least in any of the year’s first five months.

JUNE numbers will be announced in mid-to-late August.


July 28 - Cathy Schleier, Jacqueline Carter, Amanda Cubine, James Crouch, Traci Lynn VanMeter, Robert (Buck) Mitchell, James Edward Jackson Jr., Carl Morton, Farrah Day Hale, Texana Kenney, Fern Stevens, Shonda Dukes, Molly Freeman, Jeffrey White, Monica Carr, Betty Bateman, Anita Pannell, Ella Mae Daniels, Tristyn Robinson

July 29 - C.W. Hayes, Ben Boyd, Albert L. Wells, Donna Vincent, Annie Johnson, Christopher Williams, Mary Cline, Twyla Clary, Miki Boyd, Toby Haydel, Shirley George, Edith Roberts

July 30 - Melissa Ramirez, Shareeta Mumphrey, Jacob Herrin, Jack Collum, Bettie Jo Roberts, Earl Ford, Bobby McFadden, Irene Farrar, Leah Owen, Mike Boatman, Taylor Dorsey, Ronda Lee, Ken Griffin, Pat Hughes, Mark Perry, Arturo Oritz Jr., Sylvia Yancey, Brandon Scott Seay, Darrell Sibley, Carrie Ross, Barbara Barton, Cailyn Pickering, Miasha Bell

July 31 - Brian Hearn, KevinFleining, Mabel Bean, Jenna Edwards, Trey Rosebrock, Andy Waller, Julie Yancey, Jay McClurg, Larry Emmons, Kimberley Roberson, Jason Andrew Crutcher, Marc Sechrist, J. Kinney, Stephen Jones, Gladys Marie Hall, Chris Moorman, Elmer Daniels Cotton, Twins Doug and Dan Sheridan , Gerry Austin Sr., John D. Montana


July 28 - Rev. and Mrs. James Boatman, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Moore, Kelly and Enrique Sanchez

July 29 - Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Logan Horne, Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Davis, Terry and Jeanne Kramer

July 30 - Richard and Marti Fuhrman

July 31 - Tom and Peggy Clegg, Mr. And Mrs. Willie L. Clark Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Walker


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