“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.”

– Benjamin Franklin

TEAZUR and tacos from Las Tejanitas. And the Lazy S Splashpad and Charlie’s Sno-Balls. It’s Fridays After 5 – free music, dollar tacos and snow cones at City Park.

MUSIC starts at 8 p.m., tacos and snow cones even earlier.

BRING a lawn chair.

OUR hat is off to Danny Downing.

DANNY was a firefighter for the City of Kilgore before he took the position of director of the city’s parks and facilities. We’re sure he was an able firefighter, but we’re certainly glad to have him focused on parks.

SHE Who Generally Knows Best and I walked part of the new trail over the weekend and were astounded by (a) the build quality of the walking/biking trail, (b) the cleanliness, neatness of the trail and the adjacent Meadowbrook Park and (c) the number of people using the trail.

SUNDAY we attended a birthday party at the heavily-used City Park. Again, the park and facilities were immaculate. The grass was mowed, the pavilions were tidy and the splash pad was clean.

DANNY and his team are doing it right.

IT’S August. Football season is essentially here and the booster club is about to get quite busy… which means Travis Martin will be busy.

THIS will be Travis’ 24th year with the football booster club, making him the longest-serving member of that group. Two dozen years represents a serious commitment.

WE still have a couple of tickets available (Other board members have tickets, too.) for the Boys and Girls Club $5,000 Draw Down.

ONLY 100 numbered tickets were printed and all will be sold. The holder of the winning ticket will take home $5,000.

INCLUDED with the $100 ticket is a steak dinner and beverages. For $30, you can get just the meal and beverage – but you’d miss the chance at the money. The Draw Down and dinner will be August 17 at the Texan.


August 1 - Natasha Cline, Eloise Grafton, Christine Springer, Buddy Richter, Pat Swaim, Kelly Floyd, John Alton Walker, Mrs. J.H. Armstrong, Mary Matthews, Travis Armstrong, Jason Ware, Lonnell Pool, Jenny Tanner, Harry Rawls, Leonard Miller, Carroll Huffman, Mike Oglesby, Tim (Lee) Latham, Mrs. Talmadge Mercer, Stan Jamerson, Gloria Cubine, Shammion Nicole Young

August 2 - Ann Osborne, Margueritte Hedrick, Bob Bradford, Ricky Swaim, E.A. Avant, Shawn Billings, Valerie Gale Warren, Brandon Cop, Seleste Wilprit, Jalissa Javon Hamilton, Lisa Banks, Russ Johnson, C.C. Robins, Tanya Boyd, Kirt Walker, Jamie Graces, Pearl Woods, Dany Trout, Tabitha Morrow, Mark D. Williams, June Carolyn Brown

August 3 - Celeste Wilprit, Norman Copeland, Cheryle Maxwell, Kelly Gossage, Bobbie Petty, Zara Tanner, Charles Williams, Junana Buckham, Whitney Ellis, Shelby Nestleroad, Laci Morrow, Karen Loar, Robert Hale, Joe Cruseturner, Charley Walden, Naomia Baker, Sytha Gustafson, Kaitlin McCullough, William Buckham, Karen Ellis, Jimmy Barton, Dovie Ammons


August 1 - Mr. and Mrs. Amon Horton, John and Sue Smith

August 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dean, Mr. and Mrs. George Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan

August 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Herring, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frazier, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Guinn, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams


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