“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

CONGRATULATIONS to far more than just the Merritt family… congratulations to the employees and, even, to the community.

THE Merritts have bought what was once Merritt Tool (watch for a name change) from Triumph Aerospace, the company to which they sold the family firm seven or eight years (maybe longer; we’re at that age) ago.

MERRITT Tool was a fixture in Kilgore and the East Texas oil field for decades, evolving through a couple of generations from an oil field machine shop to a prized vendor, selling to companies like General Motors and Triumph. When oil prices collapsed in the mid-‘80s, the family went to work – spending long hours to diversify the firm’s customer base, keeping as many employees as they could manage – setting in motion the evolution that eventually led to the acquisition by Triumph.

MERRITS, we’re proud of (and happy for) you.

(WE can’t help but wonder if Santa and the reindeer will again at Christmas reign over Hwy. 135 from atop the Merritt sign.)

GREGG and Smith County commissioners issued a ban on outdoor burning this week. A ban was already in place in Rusk County.

Women painted pretty pictures, such were they once; and once they were such pictures, pretty painted women! (A palindromic sentence by J.A. Lindon.)

BAKER Hughes’ weekly report of drilling rigs at work is interesting to those of us whose livelihoods depend on the vagaries of the oil and natural gas markets – it quantifies the effect of oil produced at profitable levels over a significant period of time.

THE company’s July 27 report shows 1048 rigs at work in the U.S., up from 958 a year ago. Of those rigs in service, 524 (exactly half the total) are working in Texas, up from 462 a year ago.

WE hear tales of the North Dakota shale boom, but only 57 rigs are working there, compared to 137 in Oklahoma and 104 in New Mexico. (Oklahoma and North Dakota area almost equal in size while New Mexico is about 70 percent larger.)


August 4 - Buffy Lynn Rhodes, Nancy Patterson, Robin Rachal, Rhonda Cain, Doyle Goley, Jabali Sanders, Tiffany Johnston, Ken Sawyer, Mrs. J.A. Lancaster, Mary Ann Chambers, Robert Lee Wilson, Mary Zimmerman, Jim Laurence, James Harris, Jamie Horton, Amber Woodard, Audrey Pegues, Brey Ledet, Libbie Ward, Mike White, Magen Mumphrey, Matthew Ryan

August 5 - Micah Thurston, Dana Wright, Donna Cooley, Kathy Barham, Ledell Carpenter, Ray Patterson, Della Coleman, Eric Jerome Ector, Jordan Anne Gabriel, Joseph P. Adams, Jason Luis, Laure Clark, Kyle Beale, Sharon Patterson, Jana Gae Walker, Gary Hales, James Dykes, Ann Patterson, Lovella Williams, Daniel Morris, Rhonda Pierce, Joyce Ann Dickey

August 6 - David Frankenhoff, Susie Stracener, Ruth Lomax, Virginia Belcher, Dallas Rodgers, Eric Smith, Brenda K. Ivy, Noma Horton, Larry Cain, Earl Petty, Jerry Bynum, Charles Howard, Nancy Williams, Joyce Ann Dickey, C.H. Tims, Kera Brown, Ricky Watson, Traci Lynn Portley, Chris Burkett, Robert Watson, Angela Morgan, Janet Clayton, Steve Brown, Ty Sharp, Debbie Reese, William Carl Bryant, Joe Suriano, Kyler Little

August 7 - Bonne Hart, Angela Hearne, Gregory Guinn, Kathryn Maxwell, Tamara Lynn Talley, Janette Jones, Jason Dean Henson, Samantha Rae Morrow, Martha Swaim, Donald Cox, Randy Hinton, Carol Stetson, Mike Anthony, Trey Copeland, W.E. “Gene” Whitworth, Billie VanMeter, Denise Croley


August 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Richard May

August 7 - Donna and Ross McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brantley, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. McDonald


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