It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

IT’S good that swimming season is over… there’s no longer a public pool in Kilgore.

THE city’s pool was out of commission all summer for major repairs, so for the summer just ended, pool users swam at the Kilgore College pool.

NOW we learn the college pool will be permanently closed. Apparently, indoor pools need ventilation so moisture and gases can escape; the KC pool room was not ventilated, causing “the structure to degrade.” Repairs – including ventilation – would cost about $1 million. (Gulp)

WE’RE hopeful the city’s pool will be repaired and running by next summer.

THE FIRST Tuesday in October – Kilgore Night Out – is but a few weeks away.

ALL past hosts were invited to an “organizational” meeting hosted by Kilgore PD Wednesday. But, if you’ve been thinking about it and have decided you and your neighbors would like to host a Night Out party, contact Lt. Tony Stone at Kilgore Police Department.

ABOUT those proposed water rates…

ASSUMING the city council proceeds with the new fee schedule: If you live in the city and use 7,000 gallons of water every month, under the new schedule you’ll pay $46.94 for the water. In addition, you’ll pay $48.16 (based on 7,000 gallons of metered water) for sewer service. That’s a total of $95.10.

BEYOND that, you’ll pay $15.86 per month for trash pick-up.

HINT #1: wet your toothbrush, turn the water off, brush your teeth, turn the water back on long enough to rinse.

HINT #2: Don’t wait for the warm water before you step into the shower. Buck up, you can do it.

HINT #3: A brown lawn is not the worst that could happen.

IT’S illegal to relocate a raccoon. You can “euthanize” it, but you can’t haul it out to the woods and turn it loose. The opossum you dragged out from under the house? You can do anything you want with an opossum.

TRUE Story: I have a friend, a friend who does not own a salt water aquarium, who traveled to Las Vegas for a salt water aquarium expo.


September 8 - David Keiser, Nickalus Peters, Mrs. A. E. Douty Jr., Terry Thrower, Eva Harlow, Ginger Becker, Stacy Johnson, Katherine Fortson, Krista Megan Blankeney, Ricky Hudgins, Rev. T.A. “Tony” Clayton, Loren Beebe, Hazel Collins Rucker (90), Chris Jackson, Betty Robertson, Kelly Cook, Doyline Rhodes, Fonnie Ector Jr., Cora Russell, Caitlin Wilcox, Jake Lockman

September 9 - Celiess Pina, Shirley Mack Pierce, Sarah Brenstap, Richard Martin, Belle Waldo, Anna Matney, Dan Beach, Ruth Annwood, Mrs. Jewel Hill, Elizabeth Neal, Debbie Oglesby, Dennison Harris, Vollena Geter, Sharon Wilburne, Bobby Sheffield, Kasey Hinson, Lorene Goode, Vicki Raymond, Kelly Cranberry, Richard Crutcher, Kim Franks, Cindy Tugwell, Teresa Packer, Tasha Wheat, Zollie McCarty Jr., Bryan Beard, Michall Woolridge

September 10 - Jennifer Henry, Holly Hinton, Bill Smylie, Riley Lawrence, Flora Howell, Mrs. C.E. Howell, Mrs. Luther Tucker, Kathy McClure, Kimbra Clark, Mike Rodgers, Faye Rhodes, Hull Barbee, Mike Poland, Glenda Butts, Harold Anderson, Annie Lois Hall, Nadine Henderson, Laura Kiger, Joe W. Roberts, Loretta Webb, Charles M. Farland

September 11 - Sheila Dillard, Joe Cline, Broderick “Rick” Thomas, Jaid Curtis, Kelly Cruise, Amy Leak


September 9 - Tommy and Kathy Alexander


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