“It is a grand mistake to think of being great without goodness and I pronounce it as certain that there was never a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous.”

– Benjamin Franklin

MY gut and my soggy flower beds tell me we’re no longer in a drought.

OUT at the airport, where the National Weather Service keeps official records, we’ve received 34.59 inches of rain since January 1. That’s about an inch and a half more than normal (33.1) and one inch less than through the same date last year (35.54).

FOR the month, NWS has measured 4.76 inches – 2.3 inches more than normal with the wettest day being Saturday with 1.26 inches of rain recorded.

LEE Layman says his south Kilgore rain gauge has collected 1.5 inches since Friday, just less than the 1.99 inches recorded at the airport.

(Temperatures were above normal 20 of the first 23 days of the month.)

SATURDAY’S Case Knife event at East Texas hardware includes an auction of a one-of-a-kind knife with the proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls Club.

THE Case Generation XX Tour opens its Kilgore experience at 9 a.m. and ends at noon. Available for purchase will be a limited number of Olive Green Washed Smooth Natural Bone Canoe with 3D embellishment (whew!) knives. And there’ll be a kids workshop from 10 a.m. until 11.

THE Case show ends at noon. The first 20 to show up get a free Case knife.

THE tour stop here is one of just a dozen in nine states.

THE number of U.S. students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math grows by about one percent per year – far less than the increase in the number of STEM jobs. About 2.5 million STEM jobs in this country will be unfilled at the end of this year, according to a study by SMU math researcher Candace Walkington.


September 26 - Summer Cooley, Blackie Hargrave, Ruby Wheat, Kathleen Jones, Ray Batts, James Darrell Daniels, Joseph Dale Daniels, Dameion Donovan, Frank Dunaway, Steven Smith, J.T. Caraway, Glenn Ford, Sandra K. Adams, Jessica Haines, Jasmine Thompson, Kathleen Dockery, Tommie Mumphrey, Jeff Fisher, Nicole Patton, Jason Wheat, Janice Brown, Julia Dunn, L.C. Taylor, Amy Hale, Paul C. Beasley, Preston Cale, David Samford, Brittany Hobbs

September 27 - Loy Gordon, Thomas Williams, Willie James Robertson, Jeanette Dunn, Mrs. Donnie Hadaway, David Floyd Pete Sieber, Doug Swaim Jr., Sammy Adamson, Vicki Compton, James P. Allen, Adam McKinney, Bonnie Reynolds, Phil Castles, Benny Toole, Pam Harris, Mary Russell, Edgar Russell, Hazel Johnson, Daniel Owens, J.J. Mumphrey, Roger Hillhouse, Sheryl Shelton, Shannon Combs, Lucretiea Williams, Janel Dunn, Jonni Slagle, Kalynne May, Larry Kincaid, Jack D. Leak Jr., Kamdon Griffin

September 28 - Dee Zimmerman, Alliene Dockery, Loretta Pruitt, Jean Fleet, Benny Womack, Detric Ward, Cara Bell, Keath Ray, Henry Young, Mike Botter, Ricki Sanders, Wayne Goley, Ashley Nicole Dailey, Paula Jean, Paul Square, Adrian Ward, Pat Cook, Lou Ann Williams, Caroline Martin, Pam Petty, Precious Bell, Judia Harvey, Mrs. J. Robert Floyd, Goldie Mason, Malford Beall, Odessa Shepard, Ruth Castles, Connie Duggins, Gay Cale, April (Sissy) Buck Kappen


September 27 - George and Neda Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sims

September 28 - C.O. and Evelyn Shores, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Springer, Carl and Kathy Eke, Bill and Brenda Brown


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