“A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means.”

– Sallust (86 BC- 34 BC)

OKTOBERFEST was swell, KilGogh is inspiring, the Pipe Organ Festival is uplifting, Reel East Texas Film Festival is genuinely entertaining and the Shakespeare Festival reminds us there’s a wonderful world of literature and enlightenment available to us.

BUT, doggone it, I just love the last week of October in Kilgore… the East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Cook-off is Thursday and six days later on Halloween downtown is awash in costumed trick-or-treaters.

A REMINDER: the chili cook-off is a great bargain – for $5 you’ll get a wrist band which will give you rights to all the chili you can eat. Expect 10,000 folks, or more, on Commerce Street between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a mass of humanity moving at a snail’s pace from booth to booth, sampling the wonderful world of chili.

WE’LL see you there. Unless you’re vegetarian. If you don’t eat meat, you might as well stay home.

PROCEEDS benefit the East Texas Treatment Center, in the main, but with a distribution to the Boys and Girls Club, as well.

OUR old friend, the late Ray Ford, would surely be down in the mouth about the status of the building formerly occupied by Ford Printing.

THE building – it’s the structure on Martin Street between a parking lot and the building now occupied (and spiffed up) by Preferred Properties – was given to United Fund of Kilgore about a year and a half ago. It was looking ragged when it was gifted and it’s looking truly bedraggled now.

NOVEMBER downtown will be awesome and potentially lucrative for one lucky family.

ORGANIZED by Kilgore Main Street, businesses from one end to the other will be offering a Golden Ticket with every $25 purchase. Your ticket will go in the hopper with others – the winning ticket will be drawn during Mingle and Jingle November 24 and will net a $1000 grand prize. (We’re told there will be drawings for a couple of lesser prizes, as well.)


October 24 - Brent Brown, Tiffany Guin, Leah Redd, Jewel McCune, Phillip Little, Gary Price, Patty Joyner, Liz Jodry, Briana Thompson, Kathryn Dean, Monnie Portley, Paul Caskey, Angela Pace, Vernon Hargrave, Roger Thomas, Thomas Phillips, Aletha Henderson, Susan Manning, Jordan Kyle Adams, Malique Henderson, Daniel Rhodes, Eric A. Roberts, Atabian Rashaud Etcor, Kaitlyn Raymond

October 25 - Sue Barnett, Cheryl Eason, Pat Conner, George Ivan, Mark Bagwell, George M. Blair, Stephen Walker Knight, Natasha Browning, Austin Nix, Lynne Oberthier, Michael Rossum, Joe Ray Grant, Mark Fuqua, Joe Robberson, Katie Wilbourne, Melissa (Russell) Evans, Wes Downing, James Glenn Jacobs Jr., Hollie Bagwell, Erin Bagwell, Alexis Miller, Edward Pool, Juan Loredo

October 26 - Chasity Henderson, Gilbert Harvey, Ashley Beane, Paul Ainsworth, Shannon Rounsavall, Beth Ann Fair, Debbie Layman, Michele Sartor, Charles McName, Shelby Jones Shaw, Randy Renshaw, Dr. Rene Holt, Amanda Barnard, Mrs. John C. Holt, Cody Alexander, Lossie Ingram, Charles Edney, Gene Terry, Tracie Biggs, Ronna Kay Cole, Jessica Woodall, Theresa Nix, Lilmah Dent Wyatt


October 24 - Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Fette, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Grant

October 25 - Rev. and Mrs. T.A. Clayton, Paul and Irina Lohr

October 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ray Guin, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry


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