“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

– Rabbi Hillel the Elder (110 B.C. – 10 A.D.)

MATTERS not to me what the judges say…

FOR my money, the best chili (of those I was able to get to) Thursday was that offered by TSI Flow Products. And let me express my appreciation to GSK, the manufacturer of Tums.

TEXAS TWO-STEP, the annual fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club and for Fuller Center for Housing, is coming with a new twist this year. The January 19 event will be called Two to Tango – among the items on the menu is a Cuban sandwich.

COULDN’T a dance instructor earn a few pesos offering tango lessons between now and the event?

ME? JUST sitting here at my desk, fearfully wondering how many Central Americans are coming to take my job and where I might hide my wife and grandchildren.

JADEN Marcott, a young man who moved

from Kilgore to Tatum four or five years ago and graduated from Tatum High last spring, was seriously injured in a car accident on Hwy. 149 Wednesday night. He spent much of Thursday in surgery and is reported in stable condition.

LUKE 10:19 New International Version (NIV)

“I HAVE given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions…”

MARTIN Midstream Partners L.P. (Nasdaq: MMLP) Wednesday announced it is buying Martin Transport (MTI) from Martin Resource Management Corporation for $135 million.

The price reflects an EBITDA multiple between 5.7 times and 6.0 times based on MTI’s forecasted 2019 net income of $9.3 million and EBITDA of $23.6 million. 

“MTI transports petroleum products, liquid petroleum gas, chemicals, sulfur and other products, as well as owns twenty-three terminals located throughout the Gulf Coast and Midwest.  MRMC has owned and operated MTI or its predecessor for over 40 years and is integral to MMLP’s routine movements of sulfur and NGL’s.  Based on operational estimates and current transportation market conditions, this acquisition from our general partner will provide strategic long-term growth for the Partnership,” MMLP said in a news release.


October 27 - Virginia Wallace, Wayne Audas, Casey Cook, Steve Maxwell, Sandy Anderson, Jay Hughes, Steve Reid, Laurice Washington, Janie Shaw, Billy Slagle, Logan Craig Cantrell, Jack Pyle, Seth Knighton, Keith Reeves

October 28 - Dale, David and Don Hedrick, Ken Johns, Jeff Sechrist, Mrs. Ruben Martin III, Ben Patterson Jr., Ruth Howell, Christy Berry, Mrs. V.F. Chastain, Charles E. Anderson, Rodney Sanford, Clifton Dunn, Joshua Alan DeBoi, Debbie Hughes Henry, John Presley Jr., Teresa Boyd, Lori Curlee, Monty Lawrence, Johnny Clements, Rev. T.E. Wady, Luann Morton

October 29 - Shawn Glidden, Steve White, Solana Washburn, Kacy Moore, Mrs. Wesley Dykes, Kelly Cross Moore, Sherry Jackson, Donna Richers, Amanda Gilliard, Carlos N. Whitaker, Jimmy Webster, Shelly Brantley, Derek Smith, Tressa Hobson, Jadie Roberts, Richard Price, Hazel Hays, Chase Muse, Steve Wilson, Alahna Davis, Jane Ann Ballew, Jai’ Clewis, John Woods, Cade Pippen


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