“Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”

– William E. Simon,

fmr. Secretary of Treasury

WALTER and Sandra Florence have finally called it a day. In fact, they’ve called it a career.

AFTER almost 30 years in the business, Boomtown Video has sold its last DVD and the space has been emptied. It took them about six months to sell the thousands of video discs – Blu-Ray was selling for $7.50 and DVDs for $5 before they eventually fell to a dollar– they’d accumulated through the years. Like all video rental stores, they started (back in 1988) with videotape rentals before moving into discs.

THE Florences became a Main Street fixture over the decades; the 7:45 a.m. traffic in front of their store – with customers trying to get to work by 8, slipping movie rentals through the slot in the door – was some days virtually the only traffic on Main at that time of day. Their presence on Main Street will be missed.


THE space formerly occupied by Boomtown Video won’t be vacant long. David Reeves is expanding his Shops on Main into that next-door location. He’s now actively looking for “antiquers” who want to share the space.

IT’S not a sign that the end is near, but I’m pretty sure Emily Post would be dismayed…

KEDS is offering “wedding sneakers.” The bejeweled beauties are, as you’d expect, white (or at least pale) and they’re not particularly cheap; expect to pay $90 or so.

WHEN I saw my first pair of tennis shoes at a wedding – they were worn by the groom, in this case, and back in the very early ‘70s – they were tie-dyed high tops. The preacher and some older members of the South Texas Methodist congregation were quietly derisive, as I recall. Solemnity of the occasion, respect for tradition and all that…

THERE’S country and then there’s Edmund Zagorski. The Tennessee man executed by electrocution in Nashville last week, had a last meal of pickled pig knuckles and tails.

THANKSGIVING is upon us and Christmas is on the horizon. The Greenberg turkey has been ordered and Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation will light the stars atop the derricks next Thursday.


November 7 - Paige Dawn Underwood, Haley Katherine Hinton, Bobby Mizell, Alan Light, Norma Loey, Beth Biersdorfer, Sherenna Rossum, Charla Starkey, Mrs. Travis Crews, Jonathan Lee Riley, Pat Canterbury, James Sanders, Chip Sullivan, Jerry Jones, Katie Wylie, Christa Starkey, Virgel Conner, Trynity Henderson, Charles Lower, Dillan Hale

November 8 - Wanda Conway, Mrs. R. D. Todd, C.W. Dusty Rhodes, Kaci Wiggins, Tara Pickens, Steven Leach, Lerla Lee, David Hampton, Ashley Gayle Smith, Dorothy Osborne Bates, Eric Smalley, Aladdin Shafer, Patti Schlair, Robbie Duncan, Deric Nowlin, Jennifer Pullen, James Rel Sharp, Donald Headrick, Mikah Sadler

November 9 - Alice Orange, Tai Duckworth, Laura Ann McDonald, Margaret McElyea, De De Cox, Donna Ann Canterbury, Susan Hooten, Penny Boone, Brandon Ott, Ken Becker, Mattie Coleman, James Henshaw, Shelton Burleson, Brandon Odom


November 7 - Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pickard, Alejandro and Lori Rosas

November 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pritchard, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hernandez

November 9 - Randy and Linda Barton


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