“If thou be industrious to procure wealth, be generous in the disposal of it. Man never is so happy as when he giveth happiness unto another.”

– Edward G.


OURS is a community of volunteers.


MEREDETH Brown and her team of volunteers staged an entertaining and completely enjoyable derrick-lighting ceremony entirely different from previous years. Street vendors lined Kilgore Street (yes, there were funnel cakes). Children’s activities were posted along Commerce Street and, when Citizen of the Year Kenny Mobbs threw the switch to light the stars, the switch he and the giant switch were atop the “stage” at Kilgore and Main – the same stage occupied earlier by a variety of young singers and dancers.

AND, despite a couple of momentary hiccups, the stars were electrified and Kilgore’s skyline was in place.

WE stand in awe at the number of volunteer hours that went into this year’s Reel East Texas Film Festival.

A TROOP of volunteer jurors spent hundreds of hours jurying the initial film submissions, narrowing that list to 103 films to be screened at the festival.

VOLUNTEERS sold tickets, drove filmmakers around town, set up and took down chairs and tables.

AND, in the end, a cadre of filmmakers, spouses, partners left here impressed with Kilgore, taking with them stories about the Derrick lighting and local citizens who welcomed them.

THE canned pumpkin from which you make your pumpkin pie is mostly not – if at all – pumpkin. It’s a blend of other squashes, mostly butternut. But it must be acceptable… we keep coming back for more.

HURTIGRUTEN, the cruise line you’ve probably never heard of, is building three new cruise ships to be powered by scraps left over from fish processing and other organic waste.

THOSE wastes will produce biogas which will then be liquefied and used instead of fuel oil to drive their expedition cruisers – fewer greenhouses gases and other pollutants. The company’s plan is similar to the methane gas-capture program put in place last year by Republic Services at the Kilgore landfill.


November 21 - Loretta Vickberry, Kim Anderson, Gene Word, Shannon Moreno, Mrs. John Harris, Ruby Nell Pritchard, LaShawn Johnston, Allan Long, Stony Whatley, Ann Phillips, Mildred Smith, T.D. Haynes Jr., Michael Edington, Amy Baker, Vickie D. Bowers, Sherry Laney, Chad Nault, Darrell Bush III, Chris Ammons

November 22 - Kimberly Ater, Melinda Long, Cassie McKinnerney, Bobbie Darrell Reid, Christina Patterson, Cyndi Nowlin, Anna Mae Rettig, Jo Kemp Little, Wanda Wheeler, Sonica Morse, Cindy Pruett, Phelia Woods, James Stone, Paula Niesher, Tracy Phillips, Jordan Johnson, Donna Gaines, Tommy Conner, Tara Coleman

November 23 - Dale McBride, Trent Ricardson, Cory Swinderman, Collin, Patrick Rice, Vana Callahan, Patrick Williams, Joseph Marzana, Mrs. James Duncan, Donald Wallace, Scott Vowell, Jenny Waldron, Jody Bittick, Earl Loyd, Jerry Grafton, Lillian Custer, Azzile, Jones, Stefanie Jones, Juanita Dorsey, Lisa Turner, Tony Marote, Jameshia Giddings, Sean Michael Burns, Kinley Gunn


November 22 - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Clark, Ray Dan and Bettie Rhodes

November 23 - Robert and Carolyn Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pirtle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson


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