“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

EVERYBODY loves a parade.

WELL, OK. Maybe not everybody. But certainly many thousand Kilgoreos do and they turn out each year for the lighted Christmas parade.

THE Chamber of Commerce’s annual parade steps off at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, following the traditional route up Main Street and then north on Kilgore Street.

GET your parking space early… there will be a crowd. The weather promises to be cool and clear.

FOR the record, my emails are stored on a private server.

THANK YOU, Brenda Nobles, for another year.

EVERY time I see Joe T. Parker, I start humming “Deck the Halls.” Either he’s going to have to finish up this Santa Claus gig or my family’s going to have to learn to appreciate my tin ear.

THOSE folks at Oxford Dictionary – the ones that gather around a conference table and argue until they’ve selected the “word of the year” – are not simpletons.

THIS year they selected “toxic” for the honor. Strictly speaking, toxic refers to poisonous as in curare-tipped arrows. But the word has taken on a life of its own over the last two years; in fact, it would be hard to describe our present political environment as anything other than toxic.

RUNNERS-UP were “gaslighting” – another term that’s seeing increased usage over the last two years – and “techlash,” a negative reaction to the increasing clout of the big tech companies.

WE’LL miss you, Alvin Khoury.

A LOCAL print shop each year provides us with large calendars for the office. This year, they caused some confusion in our shop: they printed both Thanksgiving and the day after in red. In other words, if you follow their calendar, the day after Thanksgiving is a holiday.

ANOTHER Thanksgiving, another New York City Thanksgiving Parade for Kilgore’s famous ambassadors… even at 27 degrees.


November 24 - Taylor McElyea, Mark Rossum, Annette Hunter, Kathryn Lawrence, Michael Adams, Charles Myrick, Sue Courmier, Jerome Collins, Kitty Tennison, Ronald McIntosh, Donald McIntosh, Brandi Barnhart, Wayne Dupree, Charetta Vickery, Susie Snow, Nadia Jinks

November 25 - Ronald Edmonds, Suzanne Burrows, Raye Dale Rhodes, Nell Martin, Claudette Clemens, J.G. Tuttle, Tony Read, Jimmy Dunaway, Rebecca Huggins, Roland Fernandez, Brandy Nicole Henson, Orin W. (Bill) Dooley, Jennifer Powell, Randy Lowery, Jim Riley, Freddie Dorman, Bobby Collins, Jake Hester, Pamela Thurmon, Shannon Butts, Glen Riddle, Kala Bass Davis, Sharon Frankenhoff, Weyman Compton, Trent Gordon, Bragan Davis

November 26 - Tom Mobley, Shella McCarty, Elaine Epps, Chantel Alford Hughes, Robert Peek, Shonia Sheffield, Elaine Sullivan, Fred Crowley, Jason S. Parker, Robert Russell, G.L. Cobb, Ronnie Ausborne, Mrs. Jack Marlin, Frank Smith, Stephanie Segura, Arnetia Johnson, Justin Phillips, Nora Schleier, Ashley Allen, Maci LeAnn Mrozinski

November 27 - Sue Brown, C. Alan Rowe, Zachery Zimmerman, Mark Jones, Mrs. R.M. Mobley, Phara White, Mrs. W.H. Rienhart, Dalton Ray Smith, Chelsea Lauren Headley, Alan Kiker, James Hunter, Gary Gunn, Jimmy Leach, Tim Starkey, Mrs. Rene Smith, Kimberly Harris, Rev. Bill Peery, Pat McLaughlin, Tredrick Clayton, Diane Rowe, Brandi Bands, Patricia Gibson, Jacaces Ferguson


November 24 - Jimmy and Pat Adams

November 25 - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oglesby

November 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dickey, Tom and Fannie Gurley, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Fry, John and Doris Davenport

November 27 - Chris and Lori Thompson


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