“Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”

– Washington Irving

STEVE Torrence, to our knowledge the only professional sports champion from Kilgore, will be at the Texan Theater at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday) for an informal meet and greet.

STEVE and his team -- Steve’s the race car driver, the others make sure it goes fast – from CAPCO racing are National Hot Rod Association’s Top Fuel World champions. For those who don’t follow professional drag racing, just know this: Steve’s best speed through the quarter mile is 333 miles per hour.

MEET Steve or, if you already know him, just stop by to congratulate him.

PERHAPS the best thing about living close to downtown is that we can hear the chimes ringing out from St. Luke’s United Methodist.

WE LOVE mingling and jingling with the downtown crowd. There’s still more mingling on the calendar: every December weekend until Christmas brings a special event.

This weekend, for example, is Dashing Through Downtown – a fun footrace-obstacle course in the heart of the Main Street District.

HE’S a busy guy and East Texas is keeping him pretty well booked up…

SANTA Claus – he was in the Christmas parade in Kilgore this week and will be in his house at Hugh Camp Memorial Park (Liberty City) for some weekends to come – will also be at the Gaston School Museum Saturday, December 13 from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

IF YOU or your child, maybe even a grandchild, play varsity basketball in Kilgore, you missed the Christmas parade.

SPORTS editor Mitch Lucas pointed out there is always a home basketball game the night of the Christmas parade. So Mitch missed the parade, too.

SALAD bar owners among us need to be reminded Romaine lettuce is not the only item on the salad bar. Yet, because of the “Romaine-comes-with-E. coli” scare, many salad bars have gone away and taken with them the okra, radish, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, garbanzo beans and Ranch Style dressing.


November 28 – Joshua Garcia, Mike Smith, Susan Halbert, Evelyn Bolding, Lucille Garner, Beatrice Pulliam, Mrs. Ervin Fette, Brandy McFarland, Janice Marie Bagley, Tim Watson, Mitch Smith, Jimmy Riley, Peggy Gough, Linda Tomlinson, Jason Pullen, J.C. Adams, Patsy Richie, Otto Sudduth, Brandon Head, and Stormy Gale Leak

November 29 – Pat Applewhite, Mrs. G.C. Clifford, Sue Sisco Newburn, Mrs. Jim Allen, Joshua Kyle Chitwood, Shayne Brightwell, Mrs. Maura Webb, Zacharie Scott Smith, Troy Steeleman, Richard McFarland, Craig Stark, Danette Hedrick, Louis Lee, Rosilyn Jones, Betty Robuck, Dalton Davis, Rondald Edmonds

November 30 – Kelsey Jackson, Faye Carroll, Andy Adamez, Debbie Grant, Rob Ekstadt, Jimmy Leach, Sonya Bynum, Tonia Bynum, Berniece Balusek, Kriscinda Moore, Bud Chitwood, Tracy Fry, Cheyenne Smith, Meagan J. Clark, Christopher Oglesby, Alan Garner, Dexter Guin, Alan Ruth, Cheryl Riley, Steve Philpott, Dustin Odom, Doug Olson


November 29 - Glen and Melba Lee

November 30 - Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wallace


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