“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

THE best surprise at this year’s lighted Christmas parade had to be the candy.

FOR years the official – but often ignored – policy was that throwing candy was forbidden. Something to do with worrying that eager children, racing to grab a roll of Sweet Tarts or somesuch, might run out in front of a parade entry and be injured.

WE give credit to Chamber president Jill McCartney for that change and put parents in charge of managing their children.


SPEAKING of candy and parades…

LIBERTY City’s annual parade – where candy has never fallen from favor – is Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The parade will progress, as always, down Old Hwy 135 from FM 1252 to I-20.

WE lost another one.

NELL Dugan Jones died in Longview last week.

IF you’ve been here less than 19 years, it’s likely you never met her. But for about 33 years, Nelle’s byline was in the News Herald almost every day.

ONE OF our favorite antiquarians (not to be confused with antique), Randy Renshaw – the redhead at Coldwell Banker Real Estate – stopped by our shop this week with a vintage menu from La Posada restaurant in Winslow, Arizona.

THE menu featured a reprint of a Thomas Hart Benton painting on the front. Very nice, but the most interesting stuff was inside the November, 1946 menu.

FRIED eastern oysters with shoestring potatoes and cole slaw was $1; Grilled filet of sea bass with tartar sauce, salad and four vegetable sides was $1.40. A peanut butter sandwich was 20 cents – with jelly it was priced at a quarter.

MORE than 47,000 Americans killed themselves in 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday, contributing to an overall decline in U.S. life expectancy. Since 1999, the suicide rate has climbed 33 percent.


December 1 – Irene Harvey, Sammy Morris, Danny Goode, John Paul Kulak, Craig Steelman, Alfred Crim, Rhonda Wenger, Richard Caldwell Jr., Kim Boykin, Sami Jowers, Sherry Lockman, Bob Ostrom, Casi Botter, Joe Hale, Jewel T. Proctor, Michelle Haynes, Jill Nieuhiser, Frederick E. Richardson, Brittany Conner, Lottie Batts, Margie Hall

December 2 – Peggy Garner, Brandon Smith, Michael Lynn Sadler, Mary Watson, Sarah Smalley, Evelyn Smith, Judy Fisher, Troy Wyatt, Reginald Pegues, Allison Leigh Barbee, Lucinda Mumphrey, Ernest Mumphrey, Michael Clements Jr., Nita Beale, C.J. Fertitta, Huong Thi Pham, Martha McElroy, Norman Copeland Jr., “Lil” Joe Gibson, Javier Lee, Kathyrn Penrose, Mary Nevan Wright, Ashtyn Lucas

December 3 – Kalie Kinlaw, Catherine Henderson, Melody Bagwell, Mike Wingfield, Mark S. Dickey, Leta Wade, Janet Jones, Veronica Sanders, Steve Tanner, Van Elaine Stephenson, David Sudweeks, Michael Clements Jr., Justin Harris, Lisa Wallace, Odessey Pace, Janice Benson, Chris West

December 4 – Kristen Hughes, Edna Humphries, Mrs. Everett Davis, Courtney Paige Vail, Mrs. R.L. McIntosh, T.J. Peagues Jr., Wayne Smith, Jean Jones, Mrs. E. C. Elder, Rick Howell, Richard Miller, Brent Holmes, Greg Holmes, Olivia Sickler, Robert Mitchel Bagwell, Conner Hubbard, Jayci Rae Edwards, Courtney Morrow


December 1 - Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Webber, Calvin and Regina Williams

December 2 - Mr. and Mrs. Erby Muckelroy, Jerry and Signe Reeves

December 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blanchard, John and Janice Benson

December 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Datson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert West


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