“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

– Thomas Paine

YOUR chance has come, again (and again). to enjoy “Groundhog Day.”

SPOILER alert for one of our favorite film facts: Phil (Bill Murray) spent eight years, eight months and 16 days, according to online number crunchers.

OUR own Laird Hill Louie’s predicting six more weeks of winter (mixed with hot summer days, cool spring nights, chilly fall mornings, sweltering afternoons and any other weather patterns Texas decides to throw at us).

AS a big fan (all too literally) of Debbie VanDorens mint white chocolate chip cookies, we’re excited to hear about her “Kilgore’s Kitchen” catering branching off at Downtown D’Lites.

EVEN more exciting: Friday is now Pie Day.


NOT to be confused with Pi Day, one of our favorite not-quite-holidays, roundly set for March 14.

HAPPY (early) Birthday honors to Joseph Abraham Norton (Feb. 4, 1818 to Jan. 8, 1880).

OUT in California, he proclaimed himself ‘Norton I, Emperor of the United States’ back in 1859 and (according to the Interwebs) was treated with deference by other San Franciscans.

HE was likable enough no one wrestled with the imperial designation, and an estimated 30,000 people showed up for his funeral.


ALL the more reason for Kilgore to proclaim itself the ‘Events Capital of East Texas.’ We’re likeable enough, right?

NOT unlike that Facebook ad for a pizza chain that pops up right after you (in front of your smartphone) asked a friend about getting a slice, Kilgore High School Baseball must have overheard us asking when crawfish season’s coming back.

THE first KHS Baseball Crawfish Boil is $20 per person (buy your tickets by Feb. 4) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 9. Call Shannon (903-983-9416), Alain (903-987-0041) or Teresa (903-330-1849).

THAT thing with Facebook and the iPhone listening in on a conversation? True story.

YOUR chance has come, again (and again). to enjoy “Groundhog Day.”


February 2: Peggy Kettlewell, Raymond Best, Nedra Purser, Suzanne Leach, Robert Hudspeth, Willis Beckworth, Linda Lovelady, Joan McHame, Leslie Owens, Keycier Moody, Candy Gilliand, Robert Earl Moore, F.L. Hulsey, Jamie Moreno, Jason Floyd, Shanda Lynn Short, Marti Fuhrman, Sharon Butler Starling, Robert Morris, Patsy Gordon, Kathy Knighton, Mason Cole, Cade Harlan Clark, Clare T. West

February 3: Jeff Chisler, Kristie Deann Wade, Brandy Wilborn, Maria Pollard, Mary Pharris, Steve Walden, Kirk Clark, Lewis Clear, Candi Montgomery, Oma Martin, Denise Henson, Gage Shelburne, Stacy Nowlin

February 4: Judy Ramirez, Cindy Jumper, Robert Riggins, Katy Sheen, Albert Mitchell, Charlie Beckworth, Cecil Silvertooth, Randall Dukes, Tyler Griffith, Renee Rachel, Heather Gardiner, Missy Deerinwater, Mike Smires, David McElyea, Mitch Wilson, Jessica Aytes, Angela Barnett, Matt Williamson, Rance Taylor

February 5: Chris Toler, Patsy Bradley, Todd Cooper, Etta Lois Kennedy, Justin Michell Stevens, Benjamin McKnight, Birchell Davis, Roy Matney, Charles Thomas Nix, Sr., Wanda Bittick, LaRue Wood, Mitch Autrey, Matthew Lee, Nicholas Little, Tresha Clary, Marie Farrar, Hali Ann Tackett, Makayla Perry


February 2: Steve and Donna VanMeter

February 5: Robert and Gloria Jones


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