“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

LEARN to crush your enemies and see them driven before you – after a little instructional help from Kilgore College Theatre and Texas Shakespeare Festival.

FOR a measly $250 registration fee, you can swing into a broadsword stage combat course from the Society of American Fight Directors this April.

DON’T forget, Texas is ‘open carry’ for swords (most places, at least). Use your new powers for good, folks.

TO our fellow Boars out there, Happy (belated) Chinese New Year. Kicking off with a new moon, Tuesday marked the beginning of the Year of the Pig.

SUPPOSEDLY, we’re optimistic, enthusiastic and hard working.

CALLING any unemployed history buffs.

EAST Texas Oil Museum is once again in need of an executive director. The place looks bright, shiny and new – if you’re interested, call Kilgore College.

FRIENDLY-warning to the rest of the gents out there: it is now T-minus eight and counting to Valentine’s Day. Get the necessities early.

ALSO counting down, application packets for a spot on the city council ballot (and other boards) are due by close of business Feb. 15. Out of four sets of paperwork that have been picked up so far, Mayor Ronnie Spradlin has filed for re-election, and Mayor Pro Tem Harvey McClendon has turned in his documents for another run at Place 2.

MIKE Sechrist’s still pondering whether he wants to apply for the rest of the term in Place 3 – those applications aren’t due until March 4 in the special election to finish out the term originally won by the late Neil Barr.

THE troll of the week award goes to New Orleans Times-Picayune and its epically blank “What Super Bowl?” front page.


THAT said, 53 introduced us to probably the tastiest guacamole we’ve ever encountered.


AND, of course, chunky milk.

FOR what it’s worth, the correct Associated Press spelling is “theater.” We flip the R and the E, under duress because A) that’s the way KC Theatre Department spells it and B) they do such a darn good job.

MAKE sure your calendars are marked for “The 39 Steps,” running March 7-9, and “Crimes of the Heart,” set April 25-27.


February 6: Doyle Laney, C.H. Welch, Jan Brannon, Jeanene Rhodes Brooks, Jeff Waits, Jessica Linson, Robert Johnson, Alicia Lee, Judy White, Steve Daniel, Sandy Howard, Molly Peyton, Amber Zoller, Virginia Wright, Jerry Martin, Joshua Conlee, Steve Herring, Terry Hedrick, Logan Ligon

February 7: Ralph (Bubba) Ward Jr., Richard Patterson, David Martin, Brewnell Price, Genera Henderson, Timothy Alan Smith, Terry Laws, Jewel Howell, E.A. Mitchell, Jimmy Percell, Linda Sweet, Robert Peterson, Ada Faye Hardin, Shamiya London, Ricky Patterson, J.T. Stout, Allen Camp, Mrs. L.R. Guess, Robert Lee Brantley, Kay Owens, David Christy, Bennie Paramore, Mary Garcia, Tristan Truitt

February 8: William Kennedy, Elder Daniels, Niki Lee, Mike Fuhrman, Mark Mitchell Deerinwater, Mrs J.R. Steele, Crysta Charchio, K.J. Henderson, Mrs. Glenn Russel, Tia Bournewing, Lane Barber, Roger Brigmon, Cleo Vault, Johnny Leach, Jennifer Smith, Cheyenne Donovan, Carlely Ganns, Gavin Hargrave Tyeskie


February 7: Bob and Rosalie Abraham

February 8: Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jones, Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson, Joe and Jana Rentz


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