“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”

– George Carlin

THE forecast Thursday showed a high of 72, low of 27. Welcome to Texas or, as we like to call it, the Bipolar Vortex.

THERE’S an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

ON Chinese New Year, takeout yielded a dangerous fortune cookie: “Your luck changes today.” We’ll let you know, a year from now, how things played out.

ONE more reminder for those who, at their own peril, haven’t yet made plans for Valentine’s Day – Reel East Texas Film Festival is hosting a free screening of “Dirty Dancing” at 7 p.m. Thursday night in the Texan Theater. There will be a touch of champagne for all adult-guests as well as desserts to satisfy the Feb. 14 sweet tooth.

AFTER a quick clean-up, the Texan will host Kilgore ISD Education Foundation’s “A Night Under the Stars” the evening of Feb. 16. All proceeds benefit student projects at the district.


WE hear there were some vultures picking over one of our stories Tuesday.

THERE’S another local donut shop under construction. We figure that makes one for every 2,500 people in this burg.

YOUR friendly neighborhood sports editor knows we often make mistakes that stump spellcheck and autocorrect. Just in case, he reminded us not to type “National Singing Day” in this issue’s sports teaser.

FIND National Signing Day coverage on Sports, Page 8A.


February 9: John Mills, Josie Milam, Opal Beverly, Timothy Glenn, Leslie Fette, Madge Lawrence, Rusty Fox, Linda Rinehart, Shannon Sparkman Geddy, Wayne Ashby, Mae D. Waldon, Scott Smith, Mrs. J.B. Watson Jr., Jimmy Clayton Adams, Mrs. T.F. Hollis, Bailey K. Chapman, J.E. Mankins, Vida Moss, Tim Jackson, Andrew Thomas Moore, Breeanna Johnson, Kathy Ehl, Zion Reyes, Casey Williamson, Dorothy B. Watson

February 10: Robbie Nix, Augusta Morgan Jr., Eric Jackson, Mrs. J.A. Monroe, Leonora Ann Pegues, Sue Wynck, Diane Anthony, Mrs. Marion Smith Jr., Jessica Tolleson, Katherine Skeen, Betsy Robertson, Bryson Adams, John Capps, Dr. Royce Lumpkin, Bruce Currin, J.W. Barton, Mrs. Kermit Faulkner, Christie Daniels, Frances Hollowell, Elbert Dorsey, E.G. Wynn, Kim Gore

February 11: Keaton Watson, Billy Kay Henderson, Judy Collins, Mrs. G.M. Loyd, T.J. Flores, Michael Hamilton, Mrs. Ralph Massad, Mary Ellen Humble, Mrs. Bill Lawrence, Jean Clark, Mary Humble, Chekeshia Daniels, Linda Sparks, Sherri Hart, Kathy Coleman, Tom Ansely, Robert Harris, W.G. Morton, Brant Laird, Otis Woods, T.N. Anderson IV, Ashley Knighton

February 12: W.Q. Stanley, Grace Powe, Ralph Collins, Ronda Wilburn, O.R. Dorsey, Adam Rosas, Lauren Elaine Whitney, Daisy B. Richardson, James (Squaw) Williams, Mrs. H.J. Wallace, Ray T. Lawler, Laura Langham, Julie Briggs, Charlie Lear, Brent Barnhill, Bonnie Lacy, Anna Mae Leak, Joe White


February 10: Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hammons, Charles and Susie Watkins, Steve and Pam Holcombe, Jimmy and Linda Smith

February 12: Geno and Patricia Bragler


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