“It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword ... At the blast of the trumpet it snorts, ‘Aha!’ It catches the scent of battle from afar, the shout of commanders and the battle cry.”

– Job 39:22-25

MUCH-deserved kudos to Teresa Richenberger, her staffers and clients at Rahab’s Retreat & Ranch. Great talent and powerful testimonies were on display Monday night during the Kilgore shelter’s third annual fundraiser in Longview.

WE’VE watched, amazed but unsurprised, at the incredible things being accomplished in the lives of women and children through the Stone Road facility, and we’re excited for the future there.

YOU’LL see a much more youthful workforce out and about today: Kilgore Middle School is sending a legion of job shadowers throughout this community and others.

LOOK for a couple of new bylines in Saturday’s paper as reporter Lucas Strough coaches the students on how to cover the day’s activities.

WE’RE always happy to highlight birthdays and anniversaries, but you’ll note today’s entry is a little strange – we opted for parentheses for those lucky “leapers” who don’t technically get their next birthday until 2020.

SPEAKING of birthdays, many happy returns to Kilgore resident (and Longview News-Journal Sports Editor) Jack Stallard who will be making 53 laps at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium Friday and Saturday, one for each year of his life. Jack’s been on an amazing fitness journey the past two years. Join him on the track this weekend and bring donations for another of our favorite outreaches, the Kilgore College Food Pantry. Learn more from LNJ at


February 27: Dallas McClendon, Alan Blackstone, Jan Miller, Alexis McCubbin, Michael Stewart, Mrs. Eugene Hablinski, Sherry Villyard, Evelynn Jackson, Yolanda Jones, Adam Richardson, Jayson Hayes, Michael Dale Henley, Tina Zapata, Ray Chanler, Vivian Morris, Sherry Perry, Terry Fout, Connie Cowan, John Cohagen, Darcy Council, Dannita Smith, Verneitta Hamilton, Nikki Williams, Terry Quintanilla, Morgan Peden, Emily Cubine, Yneshia Austin

February 28: Mickey Smith, Rhonda Kay Lupfer, Mary Bernethy, Alice Boen, Steve Hancock, Jimmy Haught, Alex Durrell Scott, John David Russ, Wesley Walters, Irina Lohe, Shellie Henderson, Roderick C. Stoker, Ronnie Tarnawa, Colton Wilson, Priscilla Constance-Delight Hensley, Ariel Simone Williams, Irina Lohr, Kaitlyn Kelly

(February 29: Mrs. Jack White, Sherry Love, Yvette Rettig, Selma Vowell, Eldon Leach, Janet Thurmond, David Robertson, Lorene Dodson, Dailon Reagh, Lavender Gross)

March 1: Janie Ramirez, Jan Hendrix, Lori McTaggart, Barbara Lacy, Grant Boyd, Marla Ivy, Joe Watson, Peggy Brown, Don Cantebury, T.A. Andersin, Jr., Mark Collins, Keith Hampton, Mrs. E. A. Avant, Nicholas Ryan Hoskins, Minnie R. Chancellor, Tyler Lee Barnett, Jonathon Tyeskie.


February 27: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dickerson

February 28: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Briggs

March 1: Jean and Thomas Blackmon


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