“We’ve just sucked one hour of your life away. Tell me… How do you feel?”

– Count Rugen,

“The Princess Bride”

NO, we also can’t think of a good reason why Daylight Savings Time exists. We are planning to sleep-in Sunday morning, however.

MEANWHILE, don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour this weekend – at least, the clocks your gadgets don’t adjust for you.

AFTER 38 years owning and operating State Farm Insurance here in Kilgore, Larry Perkins is retiring. The outfit is so big, “They’re dividing it up between two people,” Perkins’ wife, Judy, tells us – she put in 12 years there alongside him. Wish them well from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, March 15, at 734 Hwy. 259 N.

OUR fingers are crossed, Jessica Holmes – an early kudos to you on being named one of the 50 finalists in contention for Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 of 2019.

GOODBYE, Ralph Hall, and thank you for your service to Kilgore in particular. At the news of the former U.S. Representative’s death this week, many here were recalling his efforts on behalf of the community and Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation on helping secure the Old Post Office two decades back along with the beautiful murals that, as of Monday, once again hang inside it.

HALL also attended at least 20 of the first dedications of Kilgore’s memorial derricks, Mayor Ronnie Spradlin tells us.

IT’S good to be a geek: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ fans around the world are celebrating a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that started this week for the show “Critical Role.” As of this writing, the effort’s netted more than $6.5 million in less than five days.


March 9: Camille Parker, Lori Patterson, Amy Carroll, Willie Alexander, James Sutton, Janice Brox, Bill McChristian, Ron and Shaun Ward, Jenny Ansley, Clyde Webb, Bill Russell, Dawn Garner, Robert Hall, Amy Sornell, Byron Beverly, Jr., Takayla Toliver, Clyde “Trace” Buyher, Gary Linthicum, Margie Hooper, Vivian Lewis, Patty Martin

March 10: Sharon Hendrix, Allie B. Tompkins, Emma Nell Johns, Alice Orange, Juanita Taliaferro, K.D. Boyle, Mattie Phillips, John Keiser, Lisa Caskey, Freeda Pritchard, Miranda Renee Vinson, Louie B. Lacy, Angela Upsher, Paula Williams, Borris W. Hamilton, Herman Reagh, Faye Crawford, Christie Williams, Clif Floyd, Colton Slayter, Marvis Strickland, Sonny Mosby, Tessa Shafer, Hunter Tizuitt, Keith Stanley, Alyssa Finklea, Jaci Gonzales, Makayla Mitchell, Calvin Mayfield, Ron Walden, Bill Leak

March 11: Marvin Hilhouse, Betty Clark, Kristina Kay Beauchamp, Kay Maxwell, Christine Stroup, Jennifer McCubbin, Erica Rosas, Clara Prestidge, Nelda Johnigan, Tomma Dempsey, Dorothy Mills, Kelly Sneed, Jeff Sullivan Sr., Bette McKay, Lindsay Halbert, Bill Jones, Leon Johns, Shelly Martin, Mary Hendrix, Margie Hooper, Donna Wiggins, Michelle Roberts, Chris Barr

March 12: Christine Louise Sadler, Frank Cline, Barbara Dickson Watkins, Connie Appling, Lisa Michelle Rowe, Cathy Collins, Marven Floyd, Megara Ballard, Betty Mills, Sidney Williams, Travis Thornton, Betty Woodard, Dorothy Dempsey, Candy Waller, Richie Benavides, Juanita Barnes, Ashley Nicole Simms


March 9: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vanderlinden, Howard and Elaine Bowman

March 11: Pat and Gene Whitworth

March 12: David and Amanda Jackson


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