“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”

– Terry Pratchett

AH, Spring Break.

OR, as we like to call it in the newsroom, “Why is no one returning my calls today?”

THE first day of Spring 2019 is March 20, but get an early start on your gardening with Saturday’s annual plant sale, starting at 9 a.m. at the Dean Keener Crim House at Lantrip and Commerce. Then, Sunday, get some more insight on your veggies – albeit a bit on the wild side – from the Rotisserie Rickshaw art/food installation beside the Texan Theater at 6 p.m.

WITH each dark, dark morning, we’re more and more convinced Daylight Savings Time is a conspiracy brewed up by the coffee cartels.


SPEAKING of coffee, Pi(e) Day is Thursday. We will definitely be celebrating – we certainly didn’t miss out on National Napping Day March 12.

GREAT news from Friendship Playground: the all-inclusive park project at Harris Street Park has received almost $127,000 in donations and pledges, leaving the E-4 Leadership group fundraisers within throwing distance of their $150,000 goal.

WHATEVER their abilities or challenges, any child or adult will be able to use the park. You can help make it a reality – visit to learn how to donate.

SO, we’re not the only visitors to East Texas Oil Museum (regardless of age) who couldn’t resist surreptitiously stepping on the glistening mud in the Boomtown exhibit.

FOR those spending part of their Spring Break on the links, don’t forget the Kilgore Chamber’s new ‘glow golf’ event is March 22 with ‘Beers, Clubs & Bugs.’

ALSO coming soon, the seventh annual KilGogh Arts Festival kicks-off Thursday, March 28, with an exclusive preview ($75 per ticket, limited spots available) including art, wine, cheese and more. Friday’s art-and-wine exhibition is $25 per person then the event’s open to the public Saturday, March 30, the anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s birth.

YES, we’ve run this one before, but it’s another favorite from a favorite author (who died March 12, 2015), Sir Terry Pratchett: “Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”


March 13: Julie Lockhart, Caylen Martin, Vickie Cline, Bill Dase, Charles Duffy Bryant, Gwyn Bass, Gary N. Lawler, Leon Leach, Marrion White, Keldin Farrar, Clarence Smith, Scottie Philpott, Ashlynn Marie Cole, Jacob Roe, Grayson DeShayer, Wanda Polanka, Mary Hendrix, Tiffany Harris

March 14: Rusty Ayrton Chapman, Tayler Leigh Bittick, Bart Bradley, Dixon Morton, Patrick Russell, Flo Francis, Betty Champion, Pat (Main) WhitWorth, Charles Petty, Kimberley Henderson, Donald Freeman, Leola Guess, Lauren Jean Nichols, Rho Neuson, Benton Custer

March 15: David Ross, April Walden, Bob Kinniard, Danny Ray Sanders, George Owens, Lori Swain, Robert Latham, Reginald Portley, Ronnie Patton, Kathy Smith, Geneva Ruth Sanford, Cecilia Graham, Clayton Randall Grooms, Bob Young, Parrish Kindsey, Jimmy E. Jones, Stephanie Jones, Ivory Faye Williams, Felicia Farrar, Tommie Jean Lea, Kathy E. Herring, Chad Cornelison, Natalie Brady, Gail Conner


March 13: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Longmire

March 14: Mr. and Mrs. John Robberson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nicks, Peggy and Jerry Smith, Don and Leona Freeman, Michelle and Antonio Laredo


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