“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”

– Elvis Presley

FOR those who sit down with their paper as soon as possible: first, thank you, and second, don’t miss Elvis tribute artist Josh Davis performing this morning at the Lone Star Lug Nuts Early Bird Car Show.

NOT just for Elvis fans and lovers of vintage vehicles, this annual event is a great opportunity to contribute to an excellent cause. The Lug Nuts have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years in support of “Camp I’m Still Me,” tailored for children who have suffered severe burns.

LIKEWISE, Stephen Woodfin is signing copies of his latest novel, “Sufficient Certainty,” from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. today at The Bookstore in Kilgore. Learn more about the book on Page 5A. You can also pick it up on Amazon.

ALWAYS – always, always, always – wear your seatbelt, folks.

DIANA Ponder undoubtedly welcomes the sight with joy: demolition crews have been at work this week on the long-abandoned (read: derelict) church on the corner of Knowles and South Martin.

YES, it’s warming up. It may even start drying up as time goes on.

THAT said, there are plenty of folks out there who know “Winter is coming.” There are 15 days until we get the final season of “Game of Thrones.”


FROM its author, George R.R. Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”

IN that same vein, Huzzah! Avalon Faire opens today on FM1252. We’re big fans of our local medieval celebration.

DON’T believe anyone who says there’s nothing to do in Kilgore. Case in point: Thursday is the chamber’s Texas Tea, Friday brings Beta Sigma Phi’s 2019 First Lady Banquet at the same time The Social Club performs (free) during Fridays After 5 on the World’s Richest Acre then Saturday boasts the I Fish for Sam kids fishing tournament as well as this year’s Walk Like MADD. Anything we missed?

STAY busy, Kilgore.

LATANE, you were a joy. Farewell.


March 30: Bryan Charles, Leigh Peters, Isabella Jiminez, Bill Perry Jr., Joe David Clark, Courtney Donnelly, Wanda Kay Lister, Guillermo Jiminez, Lena Wood, Flora Reddic, Jena Lee Ross, Gordon Ross, Paul Story, Tony W. Stone, Theresa Burkett, Oticia Kenney, Merlyn Holmes, Derek Hedgers, Kelton Smith, Gabriella Jiminez, Arturo Ortiz, Lee Layman

March 31: Ralph Page, Valerie Perheath, J.A. Moore, Lum Carroll, Rexana Robinson, Hattye Brannon, Mike Bradley, Brad Clark, Lee Ann Sullivan, Cheryl Manker, Richard Price, Fredd Gunn Jr., Anne Odom, Freddie Mae Washington, David Cale, Marsha Pentecost, Bettie Warlick, Cruz Daniel.

April 1: Leo McLaughlin, Ann Wylie, Jeanette Holt, Alissa Shafer, Mike Davis, Warren Bradley, Jason Ray Bradley, Nancy Holland, Carrie Spoford, Janie Terrell, Ellen Hale, Larry Clements, Chris Geter, Reggie Roberson, Toby Young, Mrs. Joe Schiner, Jim Haynes, Daylene Wilkes, Douglas Richardson and Jake Myers.

April 2: Leon Banda, Chandra Jones, Tabitha Starr Davis, Mrs. Floyce Practor, James Earl Shead, Jr., Robert McGill, Harold Hart, Autry Jones, Terry Kay Millett, Barbara Riley, Peggy White, Kurt Knotts, John Richers, Jamie Lee, Derick Williams, David Cox, Butch Neilson, Jamie Berryhill, Brady Whitmer, Josh Poole.


March 31: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hooker

April 1: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Decker, Mike and Cindy Hail

April 2: Mark and Lindy Bass


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