KISD honors cafeteria employee's extra effort on childrens' behalf


“There isn’t anyone who has a bigger heart for kids than Janice,” Kilgore Intermediate School Principal Kim Slayter said while presenting Janice Brown with the I Believe in You award at April’s Kilgore ISD board meeting.

Although any of the principals could have presented Brown with the award, Slayter said, she first met Brown when her grandson was in Slayter’s fourth grade class.

Then they worked together at Chandler Elementary School where Brown was cafeteria manager and she continued in that role at KIS. This year, Slayter said, she had to share Brown with the rest of the district.

Brown’s top concern is the children, Slayter said.

“She wants to make sure they have enough to eat. She’ll buy a child new tennis shoes if they need new tennis shoes, if they need jeans,” she continued. “She always does it and nobody ever knows about it.”

In March, Brown hosted a children’s party at Pentecost Park, and Slayter asked her what the occasion was.

“She said… ‘I wanted to do something special for those kids. They never get to have anything fun,’” Slayter told the crowd, noting Brown had been saving up money to put on the event. “And she rented [bounce houses] and Mr. Spradlin came and helped her and they did hot dogs and they just had a big Saturday at Pentecost, just having fun. That’s the type of person she is, always wanting to do things for others, and I believe she deserves this award just about as much as anybody because she’s such a wonderful person.”

Although she may not have a whole lot, Kilgore Mayor Ronnie Spradlin said, she helps and gives a whole lot.

“It’s just shocking how much of her time and love and money goes into helping people in the community that no one else knows need help,” he said. “She’s just such a giving heart.”


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