KMS student removed after discovery of unloaded gun


A Kilgore Middle School student was swiftly removed from campus Wednesday after school officials were alerted the child had an unloaded gun.

There was no danger, KISD Superintendent Cara Cooke said, with campus personnel following established procedures and working with police officers to address the situation quickly.

Late Wednesday morning, “Administrators were notified that a student had an unloaded gun in their possession,” she reported. “Law enforcement was immediately notified, and the student was immediately removed from the campus.

“It was all handled in 10 minutes. It did not disrupt the learning process – we didn't have to go into lockdown or anything like that.

Once the situation was resolved, KISD officials issued a mass call to parents alerting them of the incident and the all-clear.

“It was handled swiftly without other students having to be involved, and no one was ever in any danger.”

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