KPD 'pit crew' members help drivers with tire troubles


Service is Kilgore Police Department’s top core value, and that service was on display recently as KPD officers helped two families who experienced flat tires.

Over the weekend, Sgt. Vance Callahan and Officers Amos Owings and Brady Middlebrooks stopped to help a family stranded on Interstate 20 with a flat tire. The family was traveling to Arkansas from Dallas, according to a KPD Facebook post.

When the officers went to change the tire, they found the spare tire was bad also.

With it being the weekend also, few tire shops were open. The trio of officers found one on Hwy. 135 and took the flat tire off to take it to the shop. Using donated funds, the officers purchased a $35 tire and installed it for the family.

In the process of helping the family with their flat tire, the officers were alerted to another driver who had a flat tire. Callahan and Officer JB Pierce went on to help the second family get back on the road.

“Once our KPD Pit Crew finished with the eastbound vehicle, they moved over to this vehicle and changed her tire,” the post states.

All the officers involved received a set of dog tags for their service and compassion, the post adds.


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