Letter to the Editor


Make Your Vote an Informed one!

Within the last few years, America has endured some of the most challenging times in our history. We can no longer sit back and say that our vote is not important and that it does not count. Our country stands at the crossroads and it is up to us to choose a qualified candidate that will lead this country back in the right direction. On behalf of everyone at East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse I urge you to go the polls and make an informed choice.

Voting in America is a privilege, and when we exercise that privilege, we should do so responsibly. Ask yourself this about your candidate…..

1) what special interest groups support that candidate

2) are their ideas and convictions not only good for this country but for Texas as well

3) How will they profit from your vote?

4) What are the platforms they are supporting?

Making an informed decision on your candidate is vital to the future leadership and economy of this country. Early voting has already started. Whatever your decision, make it an informed one and make your voice heard!


Ruben Martin

East Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

Kilgore, Texas


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