Letter to the Editor


I must reply to a letter sent about SISD. Yes, there is a MAJORITY, but unfortunately on moral, religious ,social and how our tax dollars are spent this MAJORITY is not heard, because the FEW(minority) who think they KNOW what is better for those they are serving , proclaim, “HEY WE ARE THE MAJORITY” and “WE MUST BE RIGHT”. The mass graves and landfills of history are filled by those persecuted or vacuumed away because of a MINORITY, which acted as a MAJORITY. When we have the privilege to serve , we must SERVE accordingly, not with arrogance and certainly not with disdain for those who we serve. “PERFECT” should never have been pinned, true “PERFECTION” only got our PRECIOUS JESUS NAILED TO A CROSS. It is time to stop the cash outpour to finance an agenda which is causing parents to ask the question, “WHAT THE H--- HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SCHOOLS”.


Kit Laird

Kilgore, TX


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