Letter to the editor


Dear Sabine ISD Community,

There are many things that we would like to say right now. Unfortunately, those who need to hear them are unlikely to take them to heart, but we do hope they will read this. We have taken opportunities to respectfully defend our father’s name or clarify facts in response to venomous posts that hold little to no truth. Hopefully now our voices will be heard and not censored in fear of contradicting an agenda.

First and foremost, we are incredibly proud of our father, Stacey Bryce. No one should ever have to endure such an attack on his character. Any man who doesn’t know the love of the Lord would have crumbled long ago under these circumstances. His love of Sabine ISD has kept him loyal to his goal of always putting the children and employees above himself. Growing up, it didn’t matter if we were cheering, dancing, or playing ball. We knew that no matter what, our Dad was in the crowd. We felt so loved. He loves the kids of Sabine like his own, and he displays that by going to every sporting event, concert, or Magic Club meeting. His actions reflect his heart.

It is disappointing, heartbreaking in fact, that four individuals have so grossly neglected their duties to lead the children of Sabine ISD into successful futures and create the best learning environment for them. Instead they have chosen to execute personal vendettas and be influenced and led by one unfortunate man who has a long history of manipulation and misguided anger. To those people and their supporters, THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing the Sabine community closer together and allowing us to meet so many people who care so deeply about our father, mother, and school they love so much. Thank you for showing us just how strong our family is in the face of adversity. We’ve always known that our family has a strong bond, but the last year has proven that our support for each other is unbreakable. Also, thank you for the opportunity to rely fully on the strength of God. Because of all the prayers for our parents and Sabine, faith is getting us through.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who has stood beside our parents in support when we couldn’t be there in person. Texas is just a little too big sometimes.

Allyson, Heather, and Lindsey Bryce


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