Letter to the Editor


THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and I will humbly concede to the majority because this is America. This has been an election like none other where, instead of people voting for who they liked the best, they voted against the one they hated the most. But what I will NOT do is spend my time the next four years repeating things I’ve heard without thinking them through with the sole purpose of discrediting whoever is in office like what has been done over the last eight years. In reality, we’ve had some very bad Presidents over the last couple of hundred years and America has survived. We’ve also elected men out of fear and hysteria because Americans simply did not research the facts and believed what they wanted to hear, no matter how outlandish it was. So not much has changed really. Even so, I think Americans on both sides of the fence will soon discover that Donald Trump is a bit further to the right than they think and Conservatives may be disappointed. Like many others who have taken this office, they soon have to eat their words when they learn the reality of it all (ie: “No More New Taxes!”). My hope and prayer is that he will surround himself with responsible, intelligent, and honest people and will actually heed their advice and not “fire” them. God Bless America!

Bill Hedrick

Kilgore, TX


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