Letter to the Editor


Sabine ISD Problems!

To clarify the problems at Sabine ISD. These problems started with superintendent Bryce’s own actions. The board members at the time did not follow school board policy to address the problem. Bryce and board acted very unprofessional about his DWI he had just received. Policy was in place to handle the situations but, was not carried out because of the boards incompetence.

I hear community members say this was just a witch hunt but, in fact it is a case of no checks and balances on tax payers money and how it is handled.

The audit was done because of the lack of transparency at the school and its administrators. The auditor found that Bryce and new board president, vice president failed to disclose conflicts of interest. Bryce also received gifts from vendors. This is not the total list of wrong doings. There are more and they were disclosed for the records.

If this is truly the way you want your school business conducted I’ll let you be the judge of that! As a taxpayer in this community I do not like the unprofessional tactics of the members that known what they are doing is not in our kids best interest.

I feel honesty is not too much to ask for our school and its business.

Ken Schuler


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