Letter to the Editor


To laugh or expound on the misfortunes of others is stupidity. To think this is alright is ignorance. There is a person who is being accused of lying, theft, taking a bribe, and fraud, who is loved by their family, respected by their peers and admired as a good person and co-worker. They have been ridiculed and defamed in both public and print. It seems that one main thing occurred in this person’s life , happening after the death of a sibling , is being widely touted. First let me say that what happened is NOT OK, but in the eyes of the MAJORITY of the people , you know those two legged animals that can think for themselves, this does not outweigh the good done by this person. To slander or accuse a person of any type criminal action on the OPINIONS of another, is a thin thread to being hanging from. We all are blessed in this wonderful country with the right to say the things we feel we must say, but we are also held to a higher standard on how we say them.


Kit Laird

Kilgore, TX


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