Letters to the Editor



Google Earth is a marvelous thing... a very detailed “satellite view” of where we live. Today, I took a close look at the portion of the Sabine River between the Highway 42 bridge and the Highway 31 bridge, a distance “as the crow flies” of roughly 4.14 miles. I imagined that everything north of that river was “Texas” and everything south of the river was “Mexico.” If someone built a “wall” north (or south) of the river, from one bridge to the other, to separate “north from south”... how long would that wall be? If your answer is 4.14 miles, we have a problem.

If you actually paddle a canoe down that portion of the Sabine River, you will learn that the actual length of the river itself (with its winding loops) is more like 11.23 miles in that same area! The choice now becomes whether to build a wall “along the river bank” that is over 11 miles or to build a wall in a relatively straight line which is a minimum of 4.14 miles. The only problem with the latter is that you cut off access for land-owners to their own property by building a wall across their property or else you deed over part of “Texas” to “Mexico” or vise versa.

My point is that I’m fairly certain that Donald Trump has never paddled a canoe down the Sabine River... or the Rio Grande... or probably any other river for that matter. Think about it.

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, Texas