Letters to the Editor



It’s time for ALL AMERICANS to come together and try to get some things done in Washington. Top of the list right now should be how to deal with ISIS. As President-Elect Trump has so vividly pointed out, Americans are being “be-headed and burned alive” each day this conflict rages. Therefore, it would only be right for Mr. Trump to reveal the details (to the current administration) about his “secret plan to defeat ISIS.” Even if this plan is rejected by the current administration, he can at least say he tried. But waiting until January to do anything would be putting more lives at risk just to be able to say “ISIS was defeated under Trump’s watch.” This would be politics at its very worst. We are all anxious for some word on this and to be assured that his comments were not just political posturing or locker room talk.

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, TX


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