Letters to the Editor


Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution states that the federal government shall protect the States against invasion. Texas is being overrun by drug cartels and illegal aliens from all over the world resulting in colonization by this invasion. This colonization changes our ethnic demographics, increases crime, creates language barriers, severely erodes the social infrastructure, and downgrades our culture. US government violation of constitutional guarantees to the States is treason. It is a federal border, not a state border, and it is double taxation to expend state funds for border protection. Texans are paying heavily for border protection when it is a federal responsibility.

Law enforcement and equipment throughout the state are deployed to the border. They are not empowered to detain illegal aliens, as they can only “refer” them to the Border Patrol. A severe burden is being placed on cities and counties. Crime is going up, highway fatalities are increasing and a general breakdown in law and order is proliferating.

State border enforcement is approaching more than one billion dollars causing the budget great distress. Infrastructure is collapsing, road and bridges, education and health care all need additional funding. This crisis is attributed to the outright cowardice of state and federal politicians representing Texas. They should all meet with the President immediately and demand that he do whatever it takes, by whatever means necessary, to protect the border and Texas. They should do their job or get out! Texas is no place for corrupt and cowardly politicians.

Jim Gray

Henderson, TX


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