Letters to the Editor



Dear Editors,

My name is Anthony Riley and I have lived here in town since four. I have always believed in freedom of the press and our freedom of speech. I really think that the city should be praised for the work they’ve done to the park area. The addition of the splash pad and the newly replaced skate complex was a great idea. I heard that the city might be also be renovating the scout hut which I fully agree with. The city has changed a lot since I moved here in 2004, and I have lived through the addition of two schools, many city events and the building of my church which the city is allowing. I love this town and want to thank all those who want to make this town a better place.


Anthony Riley

Dear Editors:

My name is Jacob Riley, I’ve lived in Kilgore Texas for thirteen years and I would like y’all to know that the newspaper is doing an excellent job. I believe that every town needs a newspaper that will report everything going on in town. If we didn’t have the Kilgore paper we the citizens wouldn’t know if something important was going on. I believe that the First Amendment is a vital thing us Americans because if we didn’t have it, America wouldn’t be the same as it is today. For as long as I can remember, our family and our neighbors have had the right to express ourselves because of the First Amendment. I thank y’all for providing the facts the we want and I hope y’all have a great future.


Jacob Riley


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