Life's a spiritual journey


Within this community there are men that I consider brothers, spiritual brothers in fact, with one thing in common – their love of Christ. Two of these men are different yet the same and I have been blessed to watch one move through his life to reach the peak with vigor; the other, I have quietly observed from the sidelines as he totally immersed himself in life as a spiritual journey and continues to grow with each and every step.

This Sunday will be the last time for Rev. Darwood Galaway to be in the pulpit at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church before moving to fulfill a lifelong dream. A kindredship of brother and sister took place at our first meeting where in conversation we could easily talk on any subject from the book of Revelations to the revelation of sunrises and often finishing each other’s sentences. No, he didn’t try to “convert me” over to his side as he knows there is no converting needed when you love the Lord. Now, this weekend we celebrate his and his wife Lee’s dream of moving into a cabin they have built and being closer to children.

“We will be moving to Goodrich, just outside of Livingston,” said Darwood. “We have guest rooms and do expect them to be filled.”

Many paths were crossed during their tenure in Kilgore and their work in the community was magnificent. In spirit, brother and sister, you take us with you. We expect to hear many more of His Blessings in their lives before journey’s end.

There will be one worship service, this Sunday at St. Luke’s and it will start at 10:30 a.m.

WHEN TIM CAPPS, another brother through Christ, takes off on a trip he seldom goes alone. His sweet wife Angie, daughter Bryanah, daughter Darby and son-in-law Jake Bogdanich and in-laws Nolan and Sandra Lewis joined him on a recent adventure to Wyoming.

“We were at Jackson Hole and toured the city of Jackson,” said Tim. “There were some cool shops, restaurants and a lot of history. At Jackson Hole we toured Mount Rendezvous and learned how to throw axes,” he laughed. The family also hiked ‘round Jenny Lake and in the Grand Tetons.

“We spent three days in Yellowstone and it was unbelievable,” continued Tim. “We took two vehicles and Jake and I put over 700 miles on one vehicle in the park alone and the in-laws did almost the same. But, you have to understand my son-in-law is a wonderful photographer and we would get up early enough to target sunrises, etc. and to get away from look-out points.

“There were bear warnings everywhere except off the beaten path. We did see a grizzly bear; black bear, elk, buffalo and big horn sheep and an eagle tear his prey into shreds.”

“It was nature at its most primitive,” Tim said as he reflected upon the trip. “And it was stunning. Our country is so beautiful.”

“It creates something in you that can’t be described,” he said. “What we did can’t be captured from a tour bus window. Everything we saw at Yellowstone is something expected to be seen in National Geographic, or captured by a Blue Ray video but more vividly.”

“Family-wise, Darby and Bryanah took an eight mile hike and summited Elephants Back Peak. It was the first time they had attempted something like that together and it was very meaningful. It wasn’t an easy hike; there were steep inclines and snow over ankle deep.

“It was fun, enjoyable and spiritually moving,” said Tim.

Tim shared many photos of the beauty found at Yellowstone. One particular photo was of him standing ankle deep in the lake facing mountains and hands out reached to the heavens in praise. He wrote the caption, “Peace comes when one is willing to receive it. To find peace, you must be willing to face those things that rob it from you. Only then, can you become one with who you are meant to be.”

Knowledge learned, peace found, wisdom shared. Tim will be going back.

OVERTON CITY AND OVERTON POLICE DEPARTMENT are joining forces to raise money for Jennifer Jordan who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Jennifer will begin treatment that will consist of 5 months of chemotherapy. A fundraiser/raffle has been scheduled for Thursday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Overton City Hall located at 1200 S. Commerce Str. Burger baskets including chips, a drink and desert will be sold and raffle tickets sold. Any questions please call 903-834-3171.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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