Officers put brakes on vehicle burglars

Police bust spree with reports still rolling in


A couple’s spree of vehicle burglaries was cut short this week even before all of their crimes had been discovered.

Arrested four hours after the first alleged burglary was reported and an hour before the last was called in to police, the man and woman – one local, one out of town – face numerous charges after Kilgore Police Officers caught up with them (twice each after foot-chases) Wednesday afternoon.

Kilgore resident Tinangela Lashay Ross, 37, was booked in the Gregg County Jail Thursday and released the same day on bonds totaling $35,000.

Ross’ suspected partner-in-crime – 26-year-old Jordan Shaquille Yarbrough of Arlington – faces bonds totaling $830,000 for this Wednesday’s incidents as well outstanding charges from Smith County and a U.S. Marshalls detainer. He was still incarcerated in Gregg County Jail as of press time Friday.

On Wednesday, “We took six vehicle burglary reports … pretty much all over,” KPD Lt. Johnathan Gage confirmed. “They were spread throughout the day.”

Reports included a vehicle in the Fred’s parking lot on North Henderson Boulevard, one on East North Street, another on Laird Avenue and more at Kilgore Bowling Center, Laird Memorial Hospital and 711 S. Henderson Blvd.

The first report linked to the suspects as turned in at about 11:30 a.m. The last was reported about 4:30 p.m. – discovered after the pair were already in custody.

There was a suspect vehicle identified in a couple of different incidents, Gage confirmed. One site yielded surveillance footage.

“We were looking for that vehicle for pretty much most of the day. It was finally located at an oil change shop right there at 259 and Kilgore Street,” he said. Officers were dispatched about 3:30 p.m. “They made contact with the people inside the vehicle, they developed probable cause … finding property they identified as likely stolen in the earlier burglaries.”

As officers arrested Yarbrought, he tried to flee on-foot, Gage reported.

“While they were dealing with him, the female ran in the opposite direction. She eluded us for probably 30 minutes until she returned back to the scene and was ultimately arrested.”

Yarbrough was booked into the county jail Friday. He faces $180,000 in bonds for the new charges (six counts of burglary of a vehicle and plus theft of firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and escaping from custody). That’s on top of $650,000 in Smith County warrants (two counts of aggravated robbery and one for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon) as well as the marshalls’ detainer.

Ross was booked and bonded out of jail Thursday, charged with six counts of burglary of a vehicle in addition to two charges for evading arrest and an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license.

There’s at least one other jurisdiction involved in Wednesday’s incident, Gage confirmed.

“Yeah, they were shopping around,” he said. “There was at least one semi-automatic (firearm) recovered that was reported stolen out of Wood County.”

KPD’s report is still being completed, Gage added, estimating about $2,000 in damage for windows the couple broke with an apparently-homemade tool.

Meanwhile, “We’re still going through the property and trying to track down owners and get the value.”


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