Overton High Schooler charged after 'terroristic threat'

Student, 15, removed from campus immediately Monday


An Overton High School student allegedly made a 'terroristic threat' against students and the campus last week: Overton Police took the boy into custody Monday morning.

Overton ISD Superintendent Stephen Dubose emailed a statement May 21 noting Cindy Bundrick, Overton High School principal, had been made aware of the possible threat before school started this week.

After Bundrick was informed of the situation, the student in question was escorted to the school office immediately upon his arrival at the campus. The 15-year-old was then questioned by school administrators and OPD officers.

The student was then placed in the custody of Overton police and was removed from the campus. According to Police Chief Clyde Cartner, the boy has been charged with making a terroristic threat.

The student was removed from campus before attending any classes, Dubose said, and he never had a chance to come into contact with other students or to enter any classrooms. Overton ISD administrators also questioned several other students who were reported to have witnessed the alleged threat.

Per Dubose, "at no time was an OISD student or employee in danger in this situation. Overton Independent School District takes every incident or threat seriously and will continue to provide a safe and secure environment for our students."

The statement concluded by saying that no further information is available at this time and additional information will only be released in the event of further developments.

"All actions taken were done so in an abundance of caution to protect OISD students and employees."

This story will be updated if and when more information is made available.

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