Practicing the Home Fire Drill


Last week we discussed making a home fire escape plan. Fire drills are done at schools and at business, now it is time to practice at home. Prior to practicing the home fire drill do the following:

*Explain to your children that when a smoke alarm beeps, they need to get out of the house quickly and to meet at a designated safety spot.

*Test your smoke alarms with your children so they know the sound.

*Have the children go to their bedrooms and wait for the drill to begin.

*Assign adults to help anyone who may need assistance.

*Put one adult in charge of sounding the smoke alarm and running the drill.

Below are steps to practice so that you will be ready in the event of fire in your home..

1 - Push the smoke alarm button to start the drill and begin the timer..

2 - Practice what to do in case there is smoke. Get low and go. Get out fast.

3 - Practice using different ways out.

4 - Close doors behind you as you exit.

5 - Get out and stay out. Never go back inside for pets or other items.

6 - Go to your meeting place. When everyone has arrived, stop the timer.

7 - A goal for you to exit and get to the meeting place is two minutes.

8 - Practice your home fire escape drill at least twice a year practicing during the day and at night.

9 - After you practice, evaluate your plan, and improve the plan if needed.

Next week “If there is a fire” will be discussed.

Stay S.A.F.F.E.,

Johnny Bellows

Fire Chief

**Parts of this article were “Reproduced with permission of the NFPA”


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