School superintendents endorse Simpson


As of last week, 17 school superintendents from across Senate District 1 endorsed David Simpson for Texas Senate in the May 24 runoff election.

Michael E. Gilbert, superintendent of White Oak I.S.D., said:

“After much thought, I have decided to endorse Representative David Simpson in the Senate District 1 runoff election. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with both Representative Simpson and Representative Bryan Hughes in past legislative sessions. I firmly believe that David Simpson is committed to the students and professional educators of our Texas public schools. He will be a strong voice for all students in the Senate district despite the efforts of our lieutenant governor to divert taxpayer funds to finance private schools.

Everyone in the Texas Public School System should support a strong, independent voice in the Senate. I believe David Simpson is the right person to fill that role in Senate District 1.”

Gilbert joins 16 other superintendents from across the district who have endorsed Simpson.

“I am honored by the support and trust placed in me to protect our students, our teachers, our values, and most critically—the necessary and equitable funding for the 83 school districts that span Senate District 1,” said Simpson.

“As we enter the next legislative session, funding battles for our public schools will be the greatest challenge faced by our elected officials. Once again, the courts have ruled the legislature has not provided adequate and equitable funding. It has been a recurring theme and it is time for the Texas Legislature to finally face the reality of their constitutional obligation. I will be standing firm with our students, our parents, and our educators,” concluded Simpson.

Gilbert is joined by the superintendents from 16 other districts (Arp, Avinger, Big Sandy, Bloomburg, Carlisle, DeKalb, Maud, Liberty-Eylau, Longview, New Chapel Hill, New Diana, Sabine, Simms, Tatum, Union Grove, Waskom).*

Simpson faces Rep. Bryan Hughes in the GOP Runoff on May 24.

*The names of the other superintendents are noted on the next page. These endorsements are made in an individual capacity as constituents and taxpayers. The districts are noted for identification purposes only.

Scott Beene, Big Sandy,

Dr. John Booth, DeKalb

Stacey Bryce, Sabine

Rex Burkes, Simms

Dr. Donni Cook, New Chapel Hill

Jimmy Cox, Waskom

Brian Gray, Union Grove

Roger Hailey, Liberty-Eylau

Dee Hartt, Tatum

Carl E. Key, New Diana

Charlie Martin, Maud

Michael Payne, Carlisle

Jacquelyn Smith, Avinger

Brian Stroman, Bloomburg

Dwight G. Thomas, Arp

Dr. James Wilcox, Longview