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MOTHER’S DAY is a day of celebration honoring the mother of the family, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Mothers are celebrated for their hearts and nurturing instincts and not the amount of children they may or may not bring into the world.

AS A SPECIAL tribute to Mother’s, Child advocate and Christian author Carrie Simon will be the guest speaker at Pirtle United Methodist Church this Sunday. Carrie is the author of Save Them All and Just Find Me.

“Her name is French,” said Pastor Dudley Plaisance. “It is pronounced “Si’-mone,” he continued. “Do you know how it is spelled? Just like it is,” he laughed.

“While I may write about serious and troubling topics that we all read about, experience, or watch happen every day,” said Carrie. “My books are not meant to simply tell you of heartbreak and pain as children face abuse, kidnapping or thoughts of suicide, but to let you know that even in a world plagued with evil, we can encourage these beautiful children and one another to hold onto faith and hope!

“By raising awareness,” she continued, “We can seek ways to eradicate such atrocities to the innocent, whereby extending our hearts and hands in compassion and by drawing close to our Lord and Savior who heals our wounds, catches our tears, goes before us in our battles and welcomes our messes so that in His hands we can become His masterpieces! Let us all be makers of difference and voices to those who have none and most importantly to shine His light brightly in the dark!”

Rev. Plaisance invites all to attend to hear the special Mother’s Day message. Carrie will be speaking during their regular morning service beginning at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, May 14. The church is located at 11278 CR 173 Overton, Texas.

What happens in Branson, stays in Branson, I was told matter-of-factly when one of the thirty-three people of the Joy Makers Group of Forest Home Baptist Church was asked. The bus driver, making the thirty-fourth should have been the one contacted, but no one would divulge that information either. However, from their reactions and their busy agenda, it is believed they had a wonderful time. It was confirmed the group attended “Legends in Concert, Hot Rods in High Heels (uh,oh,) Smoke on the Mountains, Lake Queen sightseeing cruise, the Comedy Jamboree and Raiding the Country Vault. It was a ‘job well done and everybody came back in one piece,’” said the informant. It just makes you wonder if the town itself is still in one piece.

THEY RODE THE RAILS last week and had a blast. David and Kelly Watson decided to take a trip to San Antonio via the railroad and will do it again after this trip.

“It took us 13 hours to get to San Antonio,” said Kelly, the adventurous one of the family. “But, that was because we had to take a bus from Longview to Mineola,” she laughed. “The rails were flooded in Missouri and had all of the trains backlogged. So, they put us on a bus to meet up with the connecting train in Mineola. The arrival of the train was exactly on time both ways.

“I have ridden a train in Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland and the Bullet in Japan, but never one in the United States,” she continued. “And I am ashamed to say other than a brief overnight stay in San Antonio, this is the first time I actually stayed long enough to really enjoy the place.”

A total of five days were spent sightseeing, walking the river walk and learning of the rich history surrounding the town including the mission tours.

“I was impressed the most that everyone was so very friendly and helpful,” said Kelly. “We met some of the nicest people. And the trip itself was so very relaxing. That’s what David and I needed the most, to just relax. Riding the rails allowed us to do that. No stopping at gas stations or worrying about vehicle maintenance and all that good stuff. Yes, we will ride them again!”

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL. I asked several what their favorite mothers’ day and there seemed to be much confusion with that question. So, I am assuming all of them that they were remembered were their favorite. As for me, it is still seeing my son as a small boy handing me a handful of flowering weeds. There is nothing any better than the thought of being remembered. Pick up the phone and call a favorite woman in your life.

IN the meantime, May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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