Low bid takes pressure off project


A City of Kilgore construction contractor will soon begin addressing low pressure problems in the northwest portion of the community – and at a cost $150,000 less than City Hall planners projected.

Last week, Kilgore City Council members unanimously awarded a low bid from Duplichain Contractors to craft a pressure boosting system aimed at resolving compliance issues (specifically in the area of Peavine Road) in the city’s water distribution system. The system will include a 50,000-gallon ground storage tank, a 5,000-gall hydropneumatic pressure tank and a high service pump building on city-owned property on Hwy. 135 south of Goforth Road.

The City of Kilgore’s longterm engineering partners at Schaumburg & Polk estimated the project would cost $884,664 for the Northwest Pressure Plane Improvements, part of the 2017 Utility Capital Improvements Plan. Receiving three bids at City Hall, the lowest contract price (from Duplichain) was $734,710.

“This is a very encouraging project for a couple of different reasons,” outgoing Kilgore Public Works Director Seth Sorensen told council members. “The reason we had three bids so close in price is because we had such a very good plan set. This is based on a philosophy the engineering department had adopted of having projects on the shelf ahead of time.”

Identified in 2010, the task was not seriously undertaken until two years ago, he noted.

“The end results is that we got very tight bids and a very good plan set,” Sorensen concluded. “We feel very comfortable with this.”


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