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“She is really a sweet young woman,” said the caller last week, which made just one of several remarks made recently regarding a favorite stopping place in Kilgore for a comfortable place to visit, drink coffee, peruse bookshelves, join an art class, visit book club or simply hang around for the children’s reading hour.

In this case, the “she” people are talking about is Evangeline Woodfin, otherwise known as “Vangie” at The Coffee Cherry located in an adjacent room of the Book Store in Kilgore. It is her personality that boosts the friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Vangie, 30, lives in the Liberty City area, a place where she attended grades K-12 and where she’ll soon be enrolling her 5-year-old daughter, Cheyenne. The local barista is one of three daughters of Paige and Stephen Woodfin.

Vangie spent 10 years as a barista for Starbucks before venturing out with her own business.

“That’s where I received the bulk of my training,” said Vangie. “But, I have attended the Texas Coffee School in Arlington, Texas. I have also learned a lot about making espressos from Coffee City, Tyler, and one of the best trainers I had was David from Best Coffee Equipment.

“I have noticed our business has become more of a gathering spot for friends, lately,” said Vangie. “That means a lot to me. That was what I learned should be first on the list while working at Starbucks – to always be welcoming and make people feel relaxed.”

“ I love this job and working with Dad and interacting with the people. It is not as significant as what a firefighter or police officer may do, but it is important to me to know I can make people feel good,” she said. “What I do here is not enough to give back, and I am currently two years away from receiving my Bachelor’s in education. I want to teach elementary or middle school children. When that time comes, I will train someone part-time for the coffee shop.

“We have a lot of people from Kilgore College, the Rangerettes and those just wanting a room to sit and paint coming in 3-4 days a week. This place is important to us all,” continued Vangie. “And my customers make me laugh, too. One who is always making me laugh is Leonard Reese, who has written a book on Vietnam. His dry sense of humor will catch you off guard and I love it. I love people.”

If you need to take a break, this is the place. The Coffee Cherry and The Bookstore in Kilgore are located at 1012 Houston Street, Kilgore, TX.

MOTHER NATURE has not been friendly to Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden the last couple of years. The garden is a private paradise open to the public once a year from mid-February to the first of March when fields of golden daffodils transform it into one of beauty. Visitors can travel a four-mile trail around two lakes, between wooded valleys and around a replica log cabin. Picnic spots and photo opportunities are available at each turn making this a popular spot with the young and old.

The garden opened this year on Saturday, Feb. 16, but closed on the 19th through 23rd due to rain. A bridge outage last year also caused an early closure. It is currently undetermined if Mrs. Lee Daffodil Farm will re-open for the season. Interested parties may call 903-845-5780.

PASTOR GLENN YOUNG, Dr. Mike Langford, Youth Minister Bobby Catt and other members of First Baptist Church of Kilgore have recently returned a mission trip to Honduras. Medical supplies and medical attention were given during this trip, and water filters were also delivered. Providing clean and clear water drinking water is a main focus of the church, and more filters will be delivered in the second construction mission trip in the fall. More information on the next trip and a list of supplies needed can be obtained through the church office at 903-984-3531.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at 903-984-2593 or chitchatlinda@aol.com.


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