Teachers, students mark end of summer with Meet the Teacher


Even before the first bell rings of the 2017-2018 school year, the start of school began with Meet the Teacher at Kilgore ISD and Sabine ISD campuses.

“This has been a wonderful experience to actually meet all of them before we start,” Chandler Elementary School third grade reading teacher Meagan Cooper said, noting all but one student came stopped by her classroom. “Meet the Teacher is definitely kind of the kick off. Summer’s over. Let’s get back into the swing of things.”

This year will be a learning experience for Cooper too as she transitions to teaching reading instead of math.

“I’m very excited to see how much I even learn as I’m teaching it,” she said.

Ashley Freeman said she is excited for her daughter to continue reading in first grade and build upon what she learned while in Kindergarten.

For first grade teacher Cheryl Cutrer, her favorite thing to teach is reading because she enjoys seeing the progress students make throughout the year.

“The kids are a little nervous, and they’re shy when they come in, but it doesn’t take very long for them to warm up,” she said. “After a week or so they are just like they’re brothers and sisters. For teachers you have so many things that you get prepared for this day… It’s just all exciting. Then when you’ve got past students coming in to see you, it’s just a treat. I love being a teacher. That Monday will come and it’ll fly by.”

The principals wait all summer for Meet the Teacher, Chandler Principal Cindy Lindley said.

“It’s exciting to see them, especially the ones that have been here before because they’ve changed so much over the summer. We always look forward to this,” she said.

Third graders Faith Page and Yamil Bacon, who are both in two-way dual language classes, said they are excited to learn more Spanish.

Sandy Bacon added the emotions are complex seeing her son begin third grade.

“It’s bittersweet because the years go by so fast,” she said.

When Lucy Smith was school supply shopping with her mother, Hali Smith, she insisted on getting multiple boxes of crayons because of the amount of coloring she would be doing at Sabine Elementary School as she begins Kindergarten.

Smith said she is excited for her daughter to start Kindergarten.

“I still remember Kindergarten very clear, so she’s going to have a ball,” she said.

Although many parents are excited for their children to begin or start back to school, Morgan Johnson said, she is nervous for her daughter to start Kindergarten.

“I guess we’re excited to learn and make new friends,” she said at Sabine Elementary School’s Meet the Teacher. “I’m not excited about the transition. We’ve been in a bubble at her private school and transitioning to public. Mom and Kindergarten jitters. They do better than we do.”

For Kilgore High School graduate Brittany Cleveland, Meet the Teacher marked her return home after spending a few years teaching in Big Spring, Texas.

“I actually saw a lot of kids that I worked with when they went to the First Baptist Church [Child Development Center] because I worked there – that was my job in high school. A lot of kids I had in my first class are now in sixth grade… Just seeing a lot of familiar faces. It is nice, though. It makes being at home feel better.”

The first day of school for both KISD and SISD is Monday.


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