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HE TOUCHES OUR HEARTS with His love although it took the giving of His life to convince us of that love.

The remembrance of that ultimate sacrifice through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ takes place once a year. And it is on Easter Sunday that Christians across the nation celebrate the risen Savior that begins with prayers at sunrise to signify new life, new beginnings and life filled with wellsprings of hope and healing of the mind, body and soul.

Christian clergy and ministers begin preparation weeks in advance to spread the gospel about a living savior.

For Reverend Roger Hoffpowier of Trinity Assembly of God Church, this year's Easter service and his sermon unfolded before him through Christ’s love depicted in art by local artists Nadine Adamson and Jimmy J. Caine, who are also members of his congregation.

Nadine, whose artistic talent has been appreciated throughout the state, painstakingly painted the entire scene behind the baptistery at the church and now comes forth with a piece of art based on Psalm 23, Christ as a shepherd. Everything is authentic in detail, Adamson lovingly pointed out as she recited the verses of the Psalm while explaining the art. More recently, this particular piece has taken on a different meaning as the artist carefully acknowledges His love of the elderly.

“Notice Christ is shown holding the lamb. We know the lamb is His love of the young. The sheep are in the field, but also standing beside Christ is an old ewe and a ram,” Adamson said, describing the scene upon the canvas. “The breeze is gently blowing his robe to touch each one at His side, allowing the same love of the young to flow to the elderly.

“The painting allows us to know his love is just as much with the older ones as it is with the young. The more I look at it, the more I acknowledge the reason for the need to place it on canvas.”

Likewise, “It Is Finished” is the title given to Caine’s art depicting Christ’s crucifixion will also be on display at the church on Easter Sunday. It will be used to finalize Rev. Hoffpowier’s message.

“In all my years of painting and being surrounded by art and artists, I have never seen the Crucifixion of Christ on canvas the way he has done it,” Adamson said. “He has combined pen with watercolors to create a powerful piece. It is awe- striking and the detail is just so wonderful.”

According to Hoffpowier, “Jimmy was asked to do a piece for Christmas and arrived with four large ones that overwhelmed us. I asked for something for Easter and may have received a masterpiece.”

Caine, a pen and ink artist, used a mixed media with watercolor to create the desired effect to illustrate the day and the crucifixion.

“I wanted the sky to be angry as I believed that was how it looked and I needed the wounds on Christ to look real. I used color art pens and watercolor and then did a wash to get the detail,” Caine said. With his wife, Ruby, at his side with the Bible in her hand for authenticity, the painting took a little over one week to complete, the couple said.

“Once the inspiration hit, it hit with such intensity, I had a hard time going to work,” Caine added. “This is the first piece for the church I have done this way and it had to be accurate.”

Ruby made sure her husband had the sign above Christ’ head accurately spelled in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

“Seeing their faces made the lack of sleep worthwhile,” Caine said. With Hoffpowier's help, a rush was placed on getting the artwork properly framed and copyrighted to be ready for display on Easter.

Caine was born and raised in Kilgore and claims to have started drawing as early as Pre-K. After graduating, he attended art school in Alvin but needed to drop out to help support his family.

“Drawing is a God- given talent,” Caine said. It is a talent the couple's five grown children have inherited.

According to Ruby, “Each has a different style of drawing, but all have the ability. They should,” she laughed. “As toddlers I would tack newspaper on our feed barn and they would sit on milk crates for hours painting.”

For Hoffpowier, “This painting is biblically and historically accurate," he said. “I have never seen the crucifixion like this and I have been pastoring for over 50 years.”

A small number of prints may be available at a later date from the Caines.

Art is an appreciation of Trinity Assembly of God Church. They will be sending several teens to the National Fine Arts Festival in Anaheim, Californi,a this year. A public display of the art from Trinity Assembly of God will be set up soon for everyone to see. In the meantime, it will be displayed on Sundays at the church.

“It is Finished” and “Psalm 23” from both artists will touch your heart with love. A beginning and an end, Bro. Hoffpowier says in his Easter sermon.

May Your Easter Be Blessed with the Touch of His Love and May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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